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Tech Arena: a global competition for young tech talent

So how do you encourage young tech talent to discover the real-world problems they could solve in industry?  Huawei Tech Arena competition brought the brightest math & algorithm minds in Europe to France to optimize smart factory instrument layouts in a challenging hackathon. 

We live in an era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking deep root in our daily lives. As a consequence, there is a significant shift in the skills required to create new products and services. Though schools and universities across the globe are working to open new academic programs, it's still not enough to meet the demand for highly trained AI specialists.

Tech Arena competitions are a series of tech competitions sponsored and designed by Huawei's worldwide labs in partnership with top universities to give students from around the world more opportunities to experience and learn how to solve real-world problems. The academia-industry collaboration approach of the hackathon allows students to gain workplace experience and apply their training to real-world situations.

Mathïs Fédérico, one of the winners of Huawei's Tech Arena Challenge, talked to Futura to explain the benefits of competitions like Tech Arena and how they enabled him to imagine what tomorrow's AI will be like. Read the interview here (French). 

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