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How tech transforms healthcare at CUHK Medical Center in Hong Kong

 (Dec. 2023) In this Silverlinings video, Stephen M Saunders MBE, founder of Silverlinings, tours CUHK Medical Centre to find out how it is caring for patients using technology that helps doctors better care for their patients.

CUHK Medical Centre (CUHKMC) has been working with a telco carrier and Huawei to deploy a 5G + Wi-Fi + IoT converged network in the whole hospital. The network is supporting 5G telemedicine, 5G synesthesia, indoor positioning & navigation, closed-loop management of medication and logistics, and the CCRRT (Critical Care Rapid Response Team), etc., CUHKMC greatly improves the patients’ journey, enhances operational effectiveness and efficiency, as well as to promote medical safety. As a smart hospital, the 5G + Wi-Fi + IoT converged network enables CUHKMC to further its mission of "Pioneering Solutions in Healthcare".

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