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A Nigerian engineer returns to the village where he grew and connects it

Home is where many people feel at their best. But in many villages in Nigeria that's not the case.  Life can be hard, with poor access to water, electricity, and other amenities. Many rural residents head out and never return, the last straw for them being the absence of phone coverage.  

Meet Huawei Telecommunication Engineer Olugbile Felix. He too left home, his village of Olanla in the state of Oyo in the southwest of the country.  When he learned that Huawei was going to set up wireless network towers in Olanla and other parts of Oyo, he eagerly volunteered to go get the job done. He wanted to be there when Olanla history was made. His hope now: that telecommunications will bring development opportunities and Olonlo will stop losing so many of its residents.  

This is his story.  

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