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Regina, a young biologist on a mission to protect Mexican jaguars

Every 40 days or so, Regina Cervera, a project coordinator at nature conservation organization C Minds, gets together with a team of experts, engineers and officials to collect data from a network of sensors, cameras, and microphones installed in the wetlands of the Dzilam de Bravo reserve in Yucatan, Mexico.

As of May 2023, the team had collected more than 25,000 photos, 550,000 audio recordings and many video clips. Based on these data, the project, involving AI for Climate and International Union for Conservation of Nature, has identified over 119 species, including five jaguars (two males, one female and two cubs.) It wasn't a proven fact until that point that the nature reserve was actually home to the big cats. 

Watch the story of Regina and the Yucatan jaguars below! More info. about the Dzilam project here

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