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5G makes agriculture more sustainable, improves animal health, Brazil large-scale trial shows

5G can make an impact in many ways on the farm.

In fields, connected drones can provide information in real time about the status of a crop.  AI image analysis pinpoints where water, pesticide, and other inputs are needed. Spraying only where a crop needs it minimizes waste of resources and lessens the impact of pesticides on the environment.

It’s always tough to determine the estrous cycle, the short window of time when a cow can become pregnant. With 5G, sensors that constantly monitor minute changes in cows’ vitals alert farmers that the time is right for insemination, freeing them from having to constantly watch their animals.

In 2020, Huawei launched the "Agriculture of the Future" project with partners such as: Government of the State of Goiás, Municipality of Rio Verde, Ministry of Communications, Anatel, Claro, Universities and the media. A work team called "Agriculture of the Future" was created and a memorandum of understanding was signed that strengthened the business environment in the Rio Verde region. The agricultural project in Rio Verde, in the State of Goiás, brings together "5G + Cloud + AI" technologies, including drones, agricultural applications and autonomous vehicles.

Watch the video shot in first half of 2023 to learn how 5G has proven itself in Brazil.

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