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100 Faces, Season 3: onward to Middle East and Africa

Director Ryo Takeuchi travels far and wide to meet Huawei employees all over to world to learn about their lives, their work, their dreams, their challenges and their contributions to society.  Season 1 took place entirely in China.  In Season 2, Takeuchi went to Thailand and Japan.  Season 3 takes him much further afield.

Episode 1: A major sport event

Takeuchi goes behind the scene talking with the organizers of a major international sport event in Qatar. Despite being under a tight schedule, engineers and technicians take time to explain how technologies like 5G can improve the experience of sports fans on-site as well those who watch the competition on TV. He also learns about how a stadium is readied for a major event. 

Episode 2: Connecting African villages

Takeuchi then heads to Tanzania to discover how more and more small villages are getting network coverage and internet access.   

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