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So, how does it feel to start a new job at Huawei?

What is it like for the young people who join Huawei, as their first job perhaps?  Challenging, with a large helping  of disappointments and setbacks, and some great successes thrown in.  One thing for sure, it’s never dull!   Hear our young talent tell it like it is for them in in Spain, France, and China.   

Spain: David Murillo, Wireless Engineer

Setting up and troubleshooting wireless networks is a complex and challenging job that requires years of training.  It’s also essential work that brings immediate benefits to everyone. See recently-hired David Murillo team up with his Huawei peers to bring new networks online. 

France: Alex Pelletier, Industry Designer at Paris Aesthetics Research Center

Huawei provides Alex the opportunity to conceive the look and feel of attractive consumer products that millions of people crave worldwide. But it’s not easy getting there as design teams in different countries compete internally for the honor. Alex, who joined Huawei in 2020, has to endure his fair share of setbacks before he can see his winning design on store shelves. 

China: Liu Wenchao, Marketing Manager, Intelligent Automotive Solutions

Only four weeks into his new job with Huawei, Wenchao was already fielding questions from visitors to the Huawei booth at a trade show and road-testing Huawei’s self-driving technology. He’s the first to admit that it’s been challenging, but also fascinating. 

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