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Huawei fosters digital talent at Olympiad in Informatics

The 34th International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) took place in Yogyakarta, Indonesia August 7-15. For the past two years, the annual event had taken place on-line because of the global pandemic.

The world's most prestigious international informatics competition for high school students, this years IOI drew 357 participants from 91 countries and territories.

An IOI sponsor, Huawei is committed to supporting passionate students eager to solve real-world coding challenges in a competitive but friendly atmosphere. Cai Chengwu, President of Huawei’s Asia Pacific Research Institute, told contestants at the opening that digitalization has become a more and more important tool to cushion today's catastrophic uncertainties, and might become a key to many of our future problems.

Watch this video to get a feel for the event.

And this one to see the closing ceremony that took place at the Ramayana Ballet Prambanan complex in Yogyakarta. The next Olympiad will take place in 2023 in Hungary.

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