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Wi-Fi Licensing Program

Huawei's patent licensing program for Wi-Fi[1]

  • Product Type
    • Royalty Rate
  • Consumer Grade Wi-Fi 6 Product
    • US$0.50/unit
Faster, Denser, Greener

Faster, Denser, Greener

  • High speed and large capacity make it possible to deliver multiple high-definition video streaming, gaming and AR/VR services while using legacy broadband and IoT devices such as laptops, refrigerators, cameras, doorbells, thermostats, and lightbulbs – all with a single wireless router.
  • Lower energy consumption helps with connecting battery-powered home appliances.
Wi-Fi 6 leadership

Huawei’s Wi-Fi 6 leadership

  • As a top contributor, Huawei introduced OFDMA technology into Wi-Fi 6, yielding a four-fold improvement in capacity—in turn increasing the maximum number of terminals connected to a network from dozens to more than one hundred.
  • Other Huawei inventions, including for Multi-User MIMO, Spatial Reuse, BSS Coloring, Extended Range, and Target Wake Time, tripled transmission speed, minimized co-channel interference, and reduced battery consumption by 30%.

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  1. [1] All rates are one-way compliant rates and available for willing licensees subject to reciprocity. Huawei reserves the right to modify its rates within the FRAND range supported by the value of the respective patent portfolios.