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Cellular Internet-of-Things Licensing Program

Huawei's patent licensing program for Cellular IoT[1]

Cellular IoT
Smart meters

Cellular IoT connects everything

  • Cellular IoT technologies have unlocked new business models, facilitating connectivity across a range of applications such as smart home, smart city, smart industry, and smart agriculture. As digital transformation carries on, Huawei's patented IoT technologies will provide benefits to more and more industries and businesses, opening up incredible opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises.
Smart POS terminals

Huawei’s cellular IoT leadership

  • As a pioneer in cellular IoT technologies, Huawei is a top contributor to LTE Category NB (NB-IoT), LTE Category M, and other 4G IoT Standards.
  • For NB-IoT, Huawei is a prime contributor to numerous key technologies such as three operation modes (i.e., in-band, guard-band, and standalone), narrowband design, and data-over-NAS, which allow data to be transmitted over unused, shared, and scattered spectrums of existing cellular networks, reducing cost for IoT services significantly.
  • As an exemplary contribution to Category M, Huawei’s Coverage Enhancement technologies help IoT terminals reduce unnecessary transmissions, greatly extending battery life.

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  1. [1] All rates are one-way compliant rates and available for willing licensees subject to reciprocity. Huawei reserves the right to modify its rates within the FRAND range supported by the value of the respective patent portfolios.
  2. [2] The fixed-amount cap for IoT-Centric Devices and fixed-amount rates for IoT-Enhanced Devices also apply to module products specifically used in the respective Product Type.
  3. [3] “Capability” refers to the highest category/capability supported by a device.