20 Moments of 2020

A year of challenge, a year of change. Here are 20 great #Huawei moments from 2020, and here’s to many more in 2021! #HappyNewYear

1. A race against time

Building a 5G network in just 72 hours for the Wuhan Huoshenshan Field Hospital

2. The coconut connection

Installing microwave equipment on a coconut tree to connect people in quarantine in Indonesia

3. Weathering the storm

Announcing steady revenue and profit increases despite heavy challenges during Huawei's first all-online release of its annual report

4. Connecting kids with opportunity

Providing connections to 50,000 kids in 100 South African primary schools by the end of 2021

5. Bringing 5G to the Himalayas

Setting up the world's highest 5G base station in the Himalayas, 6,500 meters above sea level

6. One person, one tent, one network

A local engineer keeping remote communities in Pakistan connected during the pandemic

7. The tough get going

Suiting up to expand a local network in a Singaporean medical isolation ward

8. Love has no borders

Donating medical supplies to local communities in Canada

9. Hailing an AI-aided cart for medical supplies

Distributing critical supplies to residents in the UAE, contact-free

10. All hands on deck

Lights still on at 10:00 p.m. on the first anniversary of Huawei's addition to the entity list

11. A truly grand opening

Throwing open the doors to Huawei's largest flagship store in the world, nearly 5,000 square meters, in Shanghai

12. Lighting the way forward

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei talking with teachers and students in Nanjing: University research lights the way forward for the entire world.

13. The dedicated families behind Huawei's 190,000 employees

A son getting water for his father at Family Day in Dongguan

14. Going deep with high tech

Protecting worker safety in 400-meter deep mines with 5G networks, propelling the mining industry into the future

15. Open Communities, Open Source

Staying up late for the next day's announcement that HarmonyOS 2.0 would go open source

16. Together, we reach the stars

Launching Huawei's most powerful smartphone series, the Mate 40, on schedule despite increasing pressure

17. Love is the strongest connection

An image captured with a Huawei Mate 10 Pro by Danish photographer Sune Pedersen of a grandfather hugging his grandson while observing social distancing guidelines

18. Forget Huawei, it's time for you to soar!

Award issued to the 7,000 employees who left Huawei to join Honor as it sets out on its own

19. Love doesn't need words

Thank you paintings from children orphaned by the 2011 earthquake in Japan

20. The fight goes on

Come back home, safe and sound

It's been a year of challenge, a year of change. Together, we can make 2021 a year of hope.