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Connectivity unites

The next great step for Britain is to achieve unity through digital connectivity. Huawei has been helping to shape the UK’s digital future since 2001. Our presence has boosted the UK economy in a number of ways:

In 2018, our total gross value-added contribution to the UK GDP: £1.7 billion
  • £287 million contribution by Huawei’s own investment and procurement (direct impact).
  • £806 million contribution supported along its supply chain (indirect impact).
  • £598 million contribution stimulated in the consumer economy (induced contribution).

In 2018, we supported 26,200 jobs
We supported some 4200 jobs in the South East in 2018, 16% of the total UK employment that Huawei’s expenditure supported that year. More than 2,600 jobs (10%) were supported in the East of England, and 2,400 jobs (9%) in London. In 2018, each UK Huawei employee made an average contribution to the nation’s GDP of £183,00, meaning they’re 3.5 times more productive than average.

2018 tax revenue: £470 million
The total tax receipts generated for the Exchequer through our total economic activity.

2018-2022: £3 billion spend committed to the UK
We have a 5-year commitment to the UK economy to help UK carrier partners roll out fixed and mobile networks, and provide network architecture, sites and stations.

In 2017, the UK government released its Industrial Strategy aiming to build a Britain fit for the future. At Huawei, we believe we have the technology, resources and spirit to help the UK become a world leader in digital connectivity. As long-term investors, we’re committed to helping create jobs and opportunities, sponsoring education, building partnerships and supporting local communities. The benefits to the UK aren’t just cutting-edge digital connectivity, but also boosting the overall economy.

About Huawei United Kingdom

We’ve been a part of the fabric of life in the UK since opening our first office in 2001. We work with all of the major UK telecommunication operators and we have built two joint innovation centers focusing on wireless, enterprise and cloud technologies.

In the 18 years we’ve been in operation in the UK, we’ve grown alongside our customers, partners and employees. At present, we employ 1,500 people who are focused on building a more prosperous, productive and connected future for the UK. To that end, we are proud to have exceeded the target as £2 billion five-year investment and procurement target for the UK (as announced in 2012), thereby becoming one of Britain’s largest sources of investment from China.

Every year, Huawei invests into R&D partnerships with British universities and currently work hand-in-hand with UK’s top academic institutions. In 2011, we launched our ‘Seeds for the Future’ program to develop local ICT talent and to date, this program has assisted 250 students, and created the opportunity for a four-week study trip to China for dozens of students each year.

Our long-term investment in the UK has allowed us to grow together in many dimensions and share our success in many ways. By continuing to grow together, the future can be brighter – and better for us all.

About Huawei

Huawei is a 100% privately held company, with around 97,000 employee shareholders. At Huawei, we have built more than 1,500 telecommunication networks, helping connect over one-third of the world’s population. We assist organizations and industries ‘go digital’ by providing them with open, flexible, and secure information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure platforms. With our smartphones and other smart devices, we are improving user’s digital experience in their work and social life.

We put cyber security and privacy protection at the very top of our agenda. In our 30 years of business we have a good track record and we continue to work tirelessly to maintain it so that businesses and individuals around the world can rest easy.