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New Zealand, New Thinking: why NZ will benefit with Huawei's 5G

With the progress of new technologies, comes great expectations. 5G is all about increased speed, which brings exciting new ways to stream, download, share and connect: very high-definition video (ie. 8K TV and gaming), immersive communications (ie. video calling, augmented reality & VR) and smart-city services (ie. safety & security through hi-def video).

As one of the largest investors in research and development globally, Huawei started working on 5G as early as 2009. Today, we’re the only vendor able to provide end-to-end 5G systems. In March 2018, Huawei and Spark built New Zealand's first 5G test site in Wellington, achieving over 9 Gigabits per second. Two months later, another 5G test was conducted with Spark in Auckland: this time, achieving over 18 Gigabits per second. These tests demonstrated the true potential of 5G: wireless robotics, multiple 4K/8K streams, Internet of Things and live Virtual Reality.

From the performance tests, it’s clear that Huawei can deliver the most advanced 5G technology available. Our 5G speeds stand at several times greater than the competition. Yes, other brands can offer similar 5G systems, but these lower-performing 5G technologies mean you’re not getting what you’re paying for. If Huawei is excluded from developing New Zealand’s 5G infrastructure, NZ consumers will likely end up paying more. When digital access costs go up, it impacts the overall economy – it’s something to consider for the connectivity journey ahead.

About Huawei

Huawei is a 100% privately held company, with nearly 97,000 employee shareholders. Huawei has built more than 1,500 telecommunication networks, helping connect over one-third of the world’s population. We help organizations and industries go digital by providing them with open, flexible, and secure information and telecommunication (ICT) infrastructure platforms. With our smartphones and other smart devices, we are improving people’s digital experience in work, life, and entertainment.

We put cyber security and privacy protection at the very top of our agenda. In our 30 years of business we have never had a single significant security breach and we will work tirelessly to maintain our track record so countries, businesses and individuals can rest easy.

About Huawei New Zealand

Huawei opened its first New Zealand office in 2005. We serve all of New Zealand’s major mobile and fixed line broadband providers including Spark, 2degrees, Vodafone, Chorus, UFF and Enable, amongst others, taking on a key role in broadband projects. Over half of the New Zealand population depends on Huawei for their daily telecom needs.

Huawei New Zealand’s activities directly contribute more than NZD72.5 million annually to the local economy through wages, partnerships with local suppliers, and subcontracting for major infrastructure projects.

In 2017, during a meeting with the NZ Prime Minister, Huawei made the commitment to invest over NZ$400million in the local economy over the next five years in recognition of the special relationship the company has had with New Zealand and the ‘fair-go’ it has had since it arrived in 2005.

5G is in reach and it’s a great opportunity for New Zealand. But New Zealanders will only be able to experience true 5G with Huawei.