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Compliance & Integrity

Tone from the Top

Conducting business with integrity, maintaining a strong sense of business ethics and complying with all applicable laws and regulations have long been the core principles followed by Huawei's management team.

Through continuous investment, Huawei is committed to establishing a compliance management system that aligns with industry best practices, and incorporating compliance management into end-to-end business activities and processes.

Huawei will continue cultivating a culture of integrity and requires that all employees adhere to the Employee Business Conduct Guidelines (BCG).

Compliance Management at Huawei

  • Our Chief Compliance Officer manages the company’s operational compliance, and reports to the Board of Directors. Every one of our company’s business departments and subsidiaries has also established its own compliance team, taking responsibility for the management of its own operational compliance.
  • We identify and assess risk according to applicable laws and regulations and business scenarios. In addition, we have formulated control measures that have been incorporated into our business activities and processes. We also continuously optimize our management system through root cause analysis and targeted corrective action.
  • We attach great importance to and continuously enhance the compliance awareness of our managers and employees. Through publicity, training, exams, disciplinary action, and other related actions, we push all our employees to fully understand their own obligations as well as the company’s.
  • With an open mind, we proactively engage and work with customers, partners, regulators, and other stakeholders on compliance, to constantly enhance mutual understanding and trust.

Compliance Management in Each Domain

Third-party Compliance Management

Supplier Compliance Management

Huawei requires suppliers to comply with applicable laws and regulations and abide by the Huawei Supplier Social Responsibility Code of Conduct, and honors their commitment to honesty and integrity. The company encourages suppliers to establish compliance management systems and build compliance expertise. We also pass on compliance requirements to suppliers and conduct due diligence on them, and terminate partnerships with non-compliant and dishonest suppliers.

Partner Compliance Management

Huawei pays special attention to partner compliance management, and incorporates compliance requirements into partner management policies and certification systems. The company requires partners to study and sign on the code of conduct for partners, and steers partners to develop their compliance management capabilities. We also conduct proper due diligence and authenticity checks on partners, encourage the reporting of violations, take disciplinary action against violators, and terminate partnerships with non-compliant and dishonest partners.

Reporting Channel

You can file compliance complaints by sending an email to Huawei promises to keep your information strictly confidential.