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Digital Inclusion

As a provider of the infrastructure for the digital age, Huawei believes that as ICT applications become easier to use, more convenient, and more affordable, they will greatly reduce global inequality, bridge the digital divide, and drive the rapid attainment of SDGs. 

Digital technologies are reshaping the world. Huawei promotes digital inclusion and aims to ensure that every person, home, and organization will benefit from digital technologies. To this end, we have created an action plan called TECH4ALL. This plan focuses on three priorities of digital inclusion: connectivity, applications, and skills. Our ultimate goal is to extend the benefits of digital technology to an additional 500 million people within five years.

We will work on the following three priorities:

Ubiquitous connectivity: We will help more areas and people around the globe benefit from digital technology by building wider, more convenient, and easier-to-use connections. By using innovative technologies to remove access barriers, we will enable people, homes, and organizations in remote areas, extreme environments, and other locations with restricted access to enjoy better digital resources and experiences.

A thriving application ecosystem: We will work to empower the ecosystem by providing customized ICT solutions and easy-to-use development platforms. Our aim is to help create more specialized applications for different communities and industries.

Digital skills for all: We will work more closely with governments, enterprises, organizations, and local communities around the globe to enhance the digital skills of individuals, SMEs, and society as a whole. This is key to the balanced development of global digital economy, and will enable countries to better compete in the digital economy.

Huawei's Three-Star solutions connect
million people in rural areas
Huawei's Mobile Money solution serves more than
million users
Huawei's ICT academy covers
colleges across more than 60 countries and regions