Half the world's population lack access to basic healthcare services. And it's the most vulnerable people who are hit hardest, including children, the elderly, people with disabilities, the impoverished, and rural communities. It's time for change.
Our Commitment
Our Commitment

Health is a basic human right. We believe that deploying technology solutions through partnerships is the key to unlocking health for all. Access to healthcare must leave no one behind.

Projects and Programs

  • Access to Healthcare

    Providing accessible medical services so that health issues can be prevented or treated, for everyone, everywhere.

  • Telemedicine

    Building digital platforms that connect healthcare providers and underserved communities with remote, collaborative solutions.

  • Medical Research

    Working with hospitals, medical researchers, and biopharma to make healthcare breakthroughs using AI and other digital technologies.

What’s Happening

Dr. Victoria Puyeo
“There are 19 million visually disabled children in the world. And 70% of them could have had normal vision if the problem was detected early enough.”
Dr. Victoria Puyeo
Pediatric Ophthalmologist, Miguel Servet University Hospital & Associate Professor, University of Zaragoza.
Kong Qingxian
“There are few sign language interpreters in China and their time and energy are limited. It's great that there's an on-demand technology that can help our deaf friends, so they can get support anytime they need it.”
Kong Qingxian
Vice-Chairman, Association of the Deaf, Nangang District, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province
The first sign language volunteer for Trouble-free Hearing
Zhang Jianzong
“Our online sign language hub aggregates sign language resources, helping deaf people access the services they need like real-time subtitles for podcasts and videos. We plan to expand our partnerships so that everyone can get the information they need, trouble free.”
Zhang Jianzong
Deputy Manager and Head of Technology
E-times Digital Technology
Zhang Qingxian
“During the coronavirus outbreak, I held video calls with more than 70 hospitals and diagnosed over 590 patients through the telemedicine system. It would have been impossible without it.”
Zhang Qingxian
Chief Physician and Professor of Respiratory and Critical Diseases, First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University

Partners for Good

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