Did you know that 1 in 5 children aren’t in school and that 43% of EU citizens lack basic digital literacy skills? Educational inequality is a huge global problem that holds people and communities back. It’s time that changed.
Our Commitment

We believe that everyone, everywhere has the right to education and the equality of opportunity it brings.
Providing every school with Internet access can bring global learning resources to remote and disadvantaged communities and ensure greater opportunities for children everywhere. Providing training in digital skills in ICT can equip people with the basic skills that they need for employment and help bridge the talent gap that exists in the field of technology. We believe in forging the partnerships that will make this happen. We believe in Education4ALL.

Projects and Programs

  • Skills on Wheels

    Using mobile classrooms that provide digital skills to underserved and remote communities and ensuring that young people know about online safety.

  • Connecting Schools

    Providing access to high-quality resources for learning, teacher training, and developing digital courses by connecting every school to the Internet.

  • Empowering the Unempowered

    Equipping underserved communities with the skills and resources they need to enjoy greater opportunities in work and life.

  • Building a Thriving ICT Ecosystem

    Training the students of today for the ICT jobs of tomorrow in partnership with universities across the globe.

What’s Happening

Ken Hu
“We believe that everyone, everywhere has the right to education and the equality of opportunity it brings.”
Ken Hu
Deputy Chairman, Huawei
Tang Yali
“I have 23 students. My students are like seeds of hope. I love to watch them learn and grow. Information technology is like a window through which they can see a bigger world.”
Tang Yali
Teacher, Qingxi Primary School, Yanpingba, Peng'an, Sichuan
Seyni Ndiaye Fall
“The Ministry of National Education, UNESCO and Huawei have joined forces to support the implementation of distance learning amid the pandemic and to build smart classrooms for the future.”
Seyni Ndiaye Fall
Coordinator of National Education Information and Management System, Senegal
Bradd Feng
“By fully supporting the operations of Huawei’s ICT academies worldwide and promoting online learning, we aim to minimize the disruption to students’ education.”
Bradd Feng
Director of Huawei's Talent Ecosystem Development Dept
Nicola Harris
“With digital education, we can not only address the literacy crisis, but also equip young learners with digital skills required for future success.”
Nicola Harris
Chief Executive Officer, Click Foundation
Olivier Vanden
“I’m very happy to monitor the project and ensure our partners – technical and operational, as well as the beneficiaries of DigiTruck – will be streamlined, and that everyone will contribute to exceed their expectations of the project.”
Olivier Vanden
Managing Director of Close the Gap, Kenya

Partners for Good

  • unesco
  • CFSK
  • Insight
  • GSMA
  • CF
  • Learn about our partnerships
    Huawei believes that no one should be left behind in the digital world, so we developed TECH4ALL – our long-term, digital inclusion initiative for using technology, applications and skills to empower people and organizations everywhere.
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