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Bridging Technology and Education with Campus UNESCO

Campus UNESCO is an ongoing program that gives young people aged 14 to 18 the chance to share views with experts from UNESCO and civil society. The topics discussed in each 90-minute session are linked to major UNESCO themes such as education, artificial intelligence.

At each campus, speakers are invited to talk to students on their specific area of expertise. As well as UNESCO experts, speakers are invited from UNESCO's network of partner organizations, including NGOs, IGOs, private companies, and startups. They span a wide range of roles such as scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, conservationists, professors, CEOs, and managers of development projects.

Sharing their experiences and views with a wide variety of subject-matter experts enables young people to discuss and consider issues that are highly relevant to them today, and the role that they can have in shaping the future in areas such as AI.

You are the youth of today – there's the opportunity for you to get involved now and help determine where AI goes next.Dr. Wayne Holmes
Learning Sciences and Innovation Researcher, University College London

Education and Technology

Huawei has been partnering with UNESCO on the program since June 2021, with a focus on education and technology. The ten sessions the partners have conducted so far have covered three major topics:

"Insights into Digital Technology" looked at:

  • The role of UNESCO in education and technology
  • When should we be afraid of artificial intelligence?
  • How are technology and education related?

"When Technology Comes to School" explored:

  • Why is going to school necessary when we can find everything we need on the Internet?
  • How does technology change a school?
  • What impact can technology outside the classroom have? For example, the use of social media and the risk of cyberbullying.

"Is Technology Serving Us?" focused on:

  • Today's and tomorrow's new technologies, including current trends and use cases.
  • New technologies for good, with examples of projects and community engagement.
  • The concept of ethics, why new technologies need ethics, and how they can ensure our well-being.

Everything we do, the technology we come up with, the way we implement AI – we have to consider our culture, value, and ethics. That will bring us together.Medhat Mahmoud
Chief Digital Transformation, Northern Africa OpenLab, Huawei Technologies

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Each session is held in either English or French. Speakers have included representatives from the UK's University College London, the University of Nigeria, Rainforest Connection and representative of Huawei.