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Huawei Releases Best 5G Network to Empower Business Success

Feb 20, 2020

[London, UK, February 20, 2020] At the Huawei product and solution launch in London, Peng Song, President of Huawei's Carrier BG Marketing and Solution Sales Dept, delivered a keynote. During this keynote, he announced the release of a cutting-edge 5G network, which is intended to help operators achieve commercial 5G success.

As a Chinese saying goes, "to become rich, you must first build a road". Likewise, operators' commercial 5G success must be built upon the most advanced 5G network that is simplifed, smart, eco-friendly, and supports ultra-high bandwidth and end-to-end AI.

Peng Song Releases 5G E2E Solution

The cutting-edge 5G network released at the event is not just for show. It includes a series of product solutions, such as the simplified radio access network (RAN), smart IP network, ultra-high-bandwidth transport network, green connections, and AI-enabled end-to-end 5G services.

"The cutting-edge 5G network we released today is just a tip of the iceberg," says Peng Song, "We consistently invest in areas such as basic theories, materials, and algorithms to develop leading products and solutions for the industry and help operators achieve commercial 5G success."