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Huawei Promotes Cloud-based IP Network Transformation to Help Operators Seize Opportunities Presented by Emerging Services

Mar 22, 2017

[Paris, France, March 22, 2017] Huawei successfully held an IP technology seminar during the MPLS+SDN+NFV 2017 World Congress. More than 130 representatives of operators, analysts, and partners from across the world attended this seminar.

Gai Gang, Huawei Router & Carrier Ethernet Product Line President, pointed out that the rapid development of 4K, VR, 5G and cloud services have brought tremendous opportunities in the emerging market. As global operators accelerate their digital transformations to seize these opportunities, Huawei is dedicated to building flexible, agile, and reliable next-generation IP networks to promote cloud-based IP network transformation, helping operators achieve business success by meeting emerging service requirements.

Huawei Router & Carrier Ethernet Product Line President Gai Gang gives a welcome address at the IP technology seminar

The industry landscape is undergoing enormous changes for operators: 4K video has become a basic service, cloud services and B2B innovation have become the strategic direction for leading operators, and 5G is set to undergo commercial deployment. These opportunities introduce hefty requirements for low latency, high bandwidth, and network service slicing. Cloud-based network transformation has become an important means for operators to face such challenges and opportunities. "The comprehensive cloud-based network transformation is inevitable. Already, 100% of operators are considering moving some service functions to the cloud" said Michael Howard, senior research director from IHS Markit.

To meet the development requirements of emerging services, IP networks must undergo profound changes. Mr. Gai Gang stressed that Huawei would promote comprehensive cloud-based IP network transformation, focusing on three main aspects.

Huawei plans to help operators build DC-centered, high speed interconnection backbone networks and next-generation metro networks featuring converged bearing, resource elasticity, and service agility through network architecture transformation. Huawei also plans to work together with industry partners to develop unified 5G bearer standards.

Mr. Gai Gang said: "Business value is the driving force behind IP network construction. IP technology evolution must align with the business development requirements of operators. Cloud-based IP network transformation can effectively support the digital transformation initiative of operators, helping form a virtuous cycle of service development and network construction.

To meet cloud-based IP network transformation requirements, Huawei developed the CloudBackbone and CloudMetro solutions and demonstrated the two solutions at the MPLS+SDN+NFV 2017 World Congress. These two solutions are designed to construct a cloud-based, agile, smart, efficient, reliable, converged, ultra-broadband bearer network that can implement resource pooling, service agility, automated operations, and network capability openness to meet the bearer requirements of future cloud services. These two solutions will help telecom operators seize the business opportunities of the digital era through comprehensive cloud-based network transformation.