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Ultra-Broadband Forum 2016 Paves the Way Towards A Better Connected World

Sep 29, 2016

[Frankfurt, Germany, September 29, 2016] The Ultra-Broadband Forum 2016 officially opened today in Frankfurt, Germany. With the theme of ‘UBB 2020, Towards a Better Connected World’, the forum is focused on three hot topics: ‘Broadband Network Development’, the ‘Video Industry’ and ‘Business Innovation in the Cloud Era.’

It has attracted over 600 industry elites, technology experts, opinion leaders and partners to exchange their viewpoints on the development trends in the ultra-broadband industry and new business opportunities for telecom operators.

An intelligent world is forming and the need for ultra-broadband networks is growing at an unprecedented pace. There are currently 350 deployed Gigabit network projects across the globe, and it is now accepted that the ultra-broadband network is going to be the cornerstone of the intelligent world.

Houlin Zhao, Co-Vice Chair of the Broadband Commission, ITU Secretary-General, said in his opening speech, “I firmly believe that ultra-broadband networks as well as relevant services and applications are going to provide numerous unprecedented opportunities in the fields of healthcare, education, employment, transportation, agriculture, trade and governmental services, and greatly promote the growth of the global economy.

“In the 21st century, broadband networks surely will become an indispensable infrastructure like roads, railways, drinking water and electricity supply networks”.

Eric Xu, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Rotating CEO, Huawei, giving a speech at the Ultra-Broadband Forum 2016

In order to support ultra-broadband industry development to accommodate the intelligent world, Huawei continues to drive the development of ultra-broadband technology, and to optimize its ultra-broadband strategy to support telecom operators’ current and future business needs.

Huawei believes that video services are the most important business opportunity for telecom operators today. Eric Xu, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Rotating CEO, Huawei, said, “When we deep-dive into global telecom operators’ successful deployments in the video industry, we discover that all of them have a well-developed video strategy, which is designed to drive the growth of broadband services, increase the number of broadband customers and the average revenue per user (ARPU), instead of merely positioning video services as a value-added service.”

At the forum, Huawei executives and technology experts articulated Huawei’s video strategy which is designed to enable operators to position video services as their basic business and eventually achieve business success in the video industry.

Looking forward, Huawei believes that the industry’s digital transformation is another strategic opportunity for operators. Operators should rethink their positioning and business scope in both B2C, B2B and IoT markets. As enterprise customers require integrated ICT services which can provide the ‘R.O.A.D.S’ experience instead of basic communications services, operators need to cloudify and transform themselves into cloud service providers. Only then will they be able to meet enterprise customers’ ever-growing demand for digitalization.

Ryan Ding, Executive Director and President of Products and Solutions, Huawei, said, “Customers’ need for Gigaband have been growing exponentially. The ultra-broadband network is going to be the cornerstone of the intelligent world. While the ultra-broadband forum is in its third year, Huawei, as the core initiator of it, firmly believes that the ultra-broadband network is going to enable customers’ business success across the globe. With the efforts of all parties, we will surely co-create a healthy and sustainable eco system for the ultra-broadband industry.”