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Huawei Launches Cloud Fabric 5.0 Solution to Improve O&M Efficiency of DC SDN Networks

Sep 05, 2016

[Shanghai, China, September 5, 2016] At HUAWEI CONNECT 2016 held in Shanghai, Huawei launched the Cloud Fabric 5.0 Solution for cloud services, with a Huawei Fabric Insight Refined Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Solution as its core. The Fabric Insight Refined O&M Solution locates faults within minutes through visualized network status measurement and management as well as Big Data-based intelligent analysis, helping customers improve O&M efficiency and lower O&M costs.

Software-defined networking (SDN) has become a common choice for Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) of many enterprises, as it helps these enterprises implement fast service provisioning and improve network resource usage. After SDN services are deployed, an originally operated and maintained physical network is divided into three networks: service, logical, and physical. However, traditional O&M methods cannot monitor the status of the service and logical networks. If an application fault occurs, the fault is difficult to locate. As a large number of tenant services go online and change frequently, networks are dynamically adjusted and network faults are difficult to locate based on service configuration.

Huawei’s Fabric Insight Refined O&M Solution helps cloud data centers improve O&M efficiency through the following O&M applications:

"The Huawei Fabric Insight Refined O&M Solution implements service-oriented O&M and management, helping customers enable intelligent network O&M, reduce obstacles during cloud-based service migration, and accelerate cloud transformation and upgrades,” said Yu Li, General Manager, Data Center Network Domain, Huawei.

In addition, Huawei also launched its 72 x 100G Tb/s line cards that have the industry's highest performance and the Huawei Security Solution tightly coupled into a SDN Environment. This solution improves data center capabilities based on end-to-end (E2E) large-buffer high-speed interconnection solutions, and further improves the industry's leading elastic networking capabilities. It also virtualizes traditional security hardware, and enables automatic provisioning and unified scheduling of security services, helping data center tenants improve security protection efficiency for cloud services.

The Huawei Cloud Fabric 5.0 Solution is an important part of Huawei agile networks and has been successfully deployed in more than 1,200 data centers in over 120 countries since 2012.

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