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Huawei wins TM Forum Best Sustainability Moonshot Catalyst Award with global CSPs and industry players

Jun 24, 2024

[Copenhagen, Denmark, June 24, 2024] Huawei partnered with global Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and industry players including China Mobile, Hong Kong Telecom (HKT), South Africa Openserve , Saudi Arabia STC, Tsinghua University, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) and Eastcom Software to win the TM Forum's Best Moonshot Catalyst Award 2024 for its project "Sustainable Telco by Green Network Evolution."

This project built a GNED (Green Network Evolution and Digitization) integration platform based on digital and intelligent capabilities to support green network evolution, energy saving, and carbon emission reduction applicable to different scenarios in improving network capabilities, supporting new service growth, and enabling sustainable development of the telecom industry.

In addition, the project empowers the green development of different vertical industries.


TM Forum presents the Best Moonshot Catalyst Award to Huawei and partners

CSPs around the world face many challenges in sustainable development due to regulatory issues, economic challenges, technology constraints and resources limitations. For example, the energy utilization of equipment rooms is often inefficient low, the development of new services restricted, and the power grid unreliable. Traditional network development and operation cannot meet the requirements of low-carbon, efficiency, intelligence and safety.

Based on the GNED platform, this project helps to break the data silos of communication devices, energy auxiliary devices, sensors and vertical industry management systems. It introduces clean forms of power such as solar energy, and implements network architecture evolution, old device retirement, and equipment room renovation.

Based on this innovative solution, CSPs can efficiently and securely promote green network evolution. For example, CSPs can build green sites in rural, highway and offshore scenarios without stable grid power supply. By introducing intelligent cooling integrated cabinets and inference appliances, the solution implements green and intelligent reconstruction of old equipment rooms, greatly improving energy efficiency and management of equipment rooms and providing strong support for the development of new services.

This solution also contributes to energy saving and carbon reduction for vertical industries such as smart building and campus. In this project, the team has successful developed several practical cases, including "China Mobile's 318 All-Solar Highway," "Openserve's Intelligent CO Transformation," and "China Mobile Guangdong's Enablement for Green Smart Buildings," which fully demonstrated the feasibility and effectiveness of the project solution.

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