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Huawei and China Mobile Wins the TM Forum 2024 “People and Planet” Excellence Award

Jun 19, 2024

[Copenhagen, Denmark, June 19, 2024] During the TM Forum Digital Transformation World (DTW) 2024 summit convened in Copenhagen, Denmark, Huawei and China Mobile were awarded the "People and Planet" Excellence Award in recognition of their outstanding innovation and implementation of a Zero Carbon Ocean 5G Coverage and Ocean Care. The awarded project demonstrates how Huawei and China Mobile have deeply integrated 5G, AI, IoT and other technologies with the marine industry, driving the high-quality development of the ocean economy and contributing to the marine ecosystem protection.


TM Forum Presents Excellence Award

The award of the "People and the Planet" Innovation Excellence Practice Project at the TM Forum is a recognition of Huawei and China Mobile's innovation and contribution in the field of marine communications technologies. China is a large maritime nation, with over 32,000 kilometers of coastline, among the world’s top. Its abundant marine resources hold immense potential for local economic advancement. However, The complex and changeable marine environment, high-risk operations and the severe challenges of environmental protection have always been a difficult problem restricting the development of marine economy.

Confronting these challenges, Huawei teamed up with China Mobile and its Jiangsu Provincial Branch, have actively explored the application of mobile communication technology in the marine domain, providing innovative solutions to the digital transformation for the maritime industry.

Through the pioneering solution of "Land/Sea/Windmill Site + Resources Sharing + Intelligent Platform", the joint team successfully constructed offshore 5G base stations, overcoming the obstacles of site selection, power supply, and backhaul in the offshore scenarios. By leveraging renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, and AI-based power storage optimization solution, the joint team achieved Zero Carbon 5G coverage across the maritime expanse. Furthermore, they have actively explored collaboration with satellite companies, creating an integrated "Space-Sky-Sea" network to provide 100% wireless coverage in coastal waters. This innovative initiative not only furnishes basic communication, social entertainment, and entrepreneurial opportunities for offshore workers, tourists, and fishermen, but also supports the deployment of a series of B2B innovative applications such as marine IoT, smart waterways, and intelligent patrols, while also constructing a marine emergency communication lifeline.

The successful implementation of this project has not only enhanced the coverage and service capabilities of China's marine communication network, but also driven the digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of the marine industry. Through cooperation with local research institutes and universities, and thanks to the Huawei's 5G network, China Mobile has also applied artificial intelligence technology to wetland and marine pollution analysis, making positive contributions to the protection of the coastal ecosystem.

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