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Huawei Releases Innovations and Practices with Its Digital Managed Network Solution, Inspiring New B2B Service Growth for Carriers

Jun 29, 2023

[Shanghai, China, June 29, 2023] At Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2023 (MWCSH 2023), Huawei launched a product & solution innovation and practice sharing event. During this event, Huawei shared leading carriers' latest innovations and practices with its digital managed network solution in the data communication field, aiming to help carriers transform from Internet service providers to managed service providers and seize new opportunities in digital transformation, thereby driving new growth.

At the Congress, Steven Zhao, Vice President of Huawei's Data Communication Product Line, stated that Huawei launched its digital managed network solution and products in February 2023, which received positive feedback from carriers around the world. Many of them carried out digital managed network services (such as Managed LAN, Managed WAN, Managed Security, and Managed DCN) on top of traditional IP private lines and upgraded their transport networks to improve IP private line quality assurance and automation capabilities. This not only enables the rapid growth of these carriers' B2B services, but also significantly improves enterprise customer experience at lower service costs.

Zhao Zhipeng speaks

Steven Zhao, Vice President of Huawei Data Communication Product Line

Steven Zhao shared three innovative practices: Private Line + Managed Security, Private Line + Managed LAN, and IP Private Line Upgrades.

Private Line + Managed Security

Traditional security services are provided through security products and onsite support. Wide security product variety and insufficient dedicated security staff drive up security costs to an extremely high level, stretching the budgets of SMEs to a breaking point. Huawei, in collaboration with China Telecom Shanghai, has developed an innovative Qiankun security solution that leverages cloud-edge synergy. This solution significantly cuts service costs, provides inclusive managed security services for enterprise private lines, and enables the carrier to upsell security services to existing IP private line customers. With this solution, China Telecom Shanghai has increased its ARPU by around 20% and rapidly expanded its market share in the managed security service sector for Internet private lines.

Private Line + Managed LAN

As campus networks are going increasingly wireless, networks shift from static management to dynamic management. SMEs generally lack this capability and are in urgent need of cost-effective managed services. Thanks to Huawei's cloud-managed LAN/WLAN solution, China Mobile Shanghai is able to rapidly expand its service sales scope from traditional private lines to campus networks. This results in a revenue increase of millions of dollars in just half a year. Compared to the traditional campus network product resale model, the service costs decrease by about 30%.

IP Private Line Upgrades

As the enterprise cloudification of applications expands from office systems to production systems across numerous industries, there is an increasing demand for better assurance of IP private line quality. Through joint innovation with Huawei, China Unicom Hebei successfully upgrades its network capabilities by using technologies such as SRv6, network slicing, and Network Digital Map. Leveraging its IPv6 Enhanced-based intelligent metro network, it has provided intelligent high-quality network products for many industries. After upgrading common private lines to slice-based private lines, it has increased the product competitiveness and ARPU. As one slicing network can satisfy the requirements of multiple dedicated networks, it significantly cuts its TCO and shortens its service provisioning period by more than 90%.

Steven Zhao noted that carriers can expand the B2B market by upselling managed services (such as Managed LAN and Managed Security) to existing private line customers, and this will allow carriers to quickly transform from ISPs to MSPs. Huawei's digital managed network solution enables carriers to achieve rapid revenue growth in the B2B market by providing innovative digital transformation solutions for SMEs, accelerates the digital transformation of numerous industries, and promotes social and economic development.

To date, Huawei's digital managed network solution has been deployed in more than 140 projects around the world. Huawei will continue to increase investment in the digital managed network solution and products and looks forward to working with customers and industry partners for more innovations and practices, thereby driving new growth.

MWC Shanghai 2023 runs from June 28 to June 30 in Shanghai, China. Huawei will showcase its products and solutions at stands E10 and E50 in Hall N1 of Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). Together with global operators, industry professionals, and opinion leaders, we dive into topics such as speeding up 5G prosperity, striding towards the 5.5G era, and intelligent digital transformation. 5.5G creates new business value in areas like connecting people, Internet of Things (IoT), and Internet of Vehicles (IoV), supporting countless industries as they move towards an intelligent world. For more information, please visit:

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