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Huawei Convenes 5G Business Dialogue to Advance 5G Industry Upgrade Alongside Telcos

Jun 27, 2023

[Shanghai, China, June 27, 2023] At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai 2023, Huawei convened a 5G Business Dialogue that offered telcos from home and abroad a chance to exchange ideas about mobile industry development. The participants agreed that 5G had yielded business value after four years of development and now finds itself at a critical juncture for future growth. The industry is being called on to further capitalize on 5G and advance the 5G industry upgrade.

Liu Kang speaks

Mr. Richard Liu delivering a speech at the 5G Business Dialogue Salon

Liu Kang, President of the Marketing & Solution Sales Dept of Huawei Carrier BG, shared some 5G success stories and 5G development trends. He said that, as the result of rapid network construction and user migration, the first wave of 5G telcos have achieved good business results, specifically regarding the scaled monetization of eMBB services. China's practices prove that telcos can explore more 5G capabilities and further tap into eMBB. For example, telcos can provide differentiated experiences for different livestreamer groups and further develop innovative services like New Calling and naked-eye 3D. Meanwhile, 5.5G can help telcos capitalize on URLLC and mMTC. For example, Shenzhen has successfully tested Harmonized Communication and Sensing (HCS) technology for low-altitude drone flight, and Beijing has implemented V2X applications. RedCap and passive IoT technologies are also now maturing. All of these can contribute to the 100-billion connectivity vision. The outlook for the 5G industry remains bright, and industry partners must work together to create new value.

Wang Wensheng speaks

Mr. Wang Wensheng delivering a speech at the 5G Business Dialogue Salon

Wang Wensheng, General Manager of China Mobile Hangzhou, also delivered a keynote speech titled "5G City — A Digital, Intelligent Future Built on Innovations" during which he shared China Mobile's 5G success story. He said that China Mobile Hangzhou has long been committed to building 5G cities and already has a head start regarding the exploration of 5G technology evolution. The company has made several breakthroughs thanks to its pursuit of holistic leadership in terms of networks, technologies, operations, applications, and ecosystems. China Mobile has also established a global model for 5G innovation.

During the panel discussion, Zhuge Yi, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile Hangzhou, exchanged ideas with telcos on the topic of how they can rapidly develop 5G users and explore the new blue ocean of enterprise digitalization. He explained that China Mobile Hangzhou had opted for moderately advanced 5G network construction, which allowed them to provide ubiquitous gigabit 5G in urban and rural areas, indoor and outdoor environments, or multi-scenario mixed settings. They also implemented targeted policies based on user groups and offered attractive packages to promote the balanced development of networks and services. In terms of the 5G-based digitalization of industries, telcos are intrinsically experienced and can materially contribute to the digital economy. For this very reason, telcos should embrace the business opportunities presented by the digital economy and drive IT-based transformation. To achieve this, they must prepare for business scale-up by developing strategies, restructuring their organizations, building ecosystems, and defining products and offerings. The net result of such efforts could be a second path to sustainable development.

Telcos in Asia Pacific also shared their updates on 5G development and expressed a willingness to explore effective methods for 5G monetization. They recognized China Mobile Hangzhou's 5G success and expressed their interest in partnerships to promote the healthy development of 5G.

panel discussion

5G Business Dialogue panel discussion

Huawei will continue to innovate alongside telcos and industry partners in order to advance 5G development and unleash the potential of 5.5G. It will also help the mobile industry upgrade digital consumption to empower industries and foster society, ultimately driving the industry forward from "5Good" to "5Great".

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