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Huawei Unveils Two New All-Flash Storage Products to Promote All Flash for All Scenarios

Nov 16, 2023

[Paris, France, November 16, 2023] At HUAWEI CONNECT 2023 in Paris, Yang Chaobin, Director of the Board and President of ICT Products & Solutions at Huawei, unveiled two new all-flash storage products, the OceanStor Pacific 9920 and OceanStor Dorado 2100, to promote the industry vision of All Flash for All Scenarios. The products have been designed to help customers build more efficient and reliable data centers.


Yang Chaobin, Director of the Board and President of ICT Products & Solutions at Huawei

"Ubiquitous data services require more performant, reliable, and energy efficient data storage solutions. The bandwidth of flash storage products is 28 times that of hard disk drives (HDDs), but flash storage products consume 33% less power than similar capacity HDDs. Flash storage products have garnered widespread acclaim from enterprises for their higher performance and reliability, and lower power consumption," according to Yang said.

To realize All Flash for All Scenarios and build high-performance, high-reliability, and environmentally-friendly data centers, Huawei has launched an all-flash scale-out storage portfolio for the core production phases of data centers to manage the increasing amounts of mass unstructured data so that customers can improve production and decision-making efficiency. In addition, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face challenges such as a high proportion of unstructured data, slow read/write, and difficult multi-tenant sharing/isolation. Professional all-flash Network-Attached Storage (NAS) that has been customized for SMBs is becoming a new way to unleash data value.

Michael Qiu, President of Global Data Center Marketing & Solution Sales Dept at Huawei Enterprise BG, provided details about the two new products unveiled at the event:

The OceanStor Pacific 9920, an SSD-based scale-out storage system, leads the all-flash scale-out architecture with high performance, high-capacity SSDs, and efficient data reduction algorithms. It features the highest capacity density in the industry, and delivers a single-disk capacity of 30.72 TB and a 2 U-space capacity of up to 768 TB. The product supports a single-node bandwidth of up to 20 GB/s and an IOPS of 800,000. The efficient data reduction algorithms reduce the power consumption to 1.04 W per TB, which helps to build green data centers.

The OceanStor Dorado 2100 all-flash storage system offers the industry's first active-active (A-A) NAS architecture for SMBs, featuring ease to use, solid reliability, and comprehensive efficiency. It can be deployed by scanning a code and supports remote mobile O&M. It offers up to 90% faster delivery than traditional solutions at a TCO that is up to 30% lower than our peer vendors'. The industry's only A-A NAS architecture delivers four-layer 99.9999% reliability and comes with 24/7 business continuity. The end-to-end all-flash design and innovative data layout algorithms improve performance by a factor of 20 compared with the hybrid flash products that are currently on the market.


The new Huawei OceanStor all-flash storage products are designed to build green, energy-saving, efficient, and reliable all-flash data centers for different enterprise service scenarios and more customers in Europe. They represent an important milestone on our journey towards realizing the vision of All Flash for All Scenarios.

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