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Huawei Launches the 5.5G Intelligent Core Network Solution to Empower More New Business

Nov 17, 2023

[Istanbul, Türkiye, November 17, 2023] At the 5G Core Summit hosted by Informa Tech, George Gao, President of Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line, launched the 5.5G Intelligent Core Network solution. The solution is equipped with native intelligence, making it powerful enough to implement service intelligence, network intelligence, and O&M intelligence, so as to empower more new business, and light up an intelligent world.


George Gao delivering the keynote speech

Gao noted that future mobile networks should be deterministic and deliver several key features including 10 Gbps downlink, 1 Gbps uplink, up to 100 billion IoT connections, harmonized communication and sensing, and native intelligence. Huawei's 5.5G Intelligent Core Network solution applies intelligence as well as intent-driven technologies and network foundation models to the core network, helping operators build service, network, and O&M intelligence to achieve business success.

Service Intelligence, Expanding the Profitability of Calling Services

By incorporating ultra-HD, interactive, and intelligent capabilities into calls, New Calling-Advanced upgrades traditional single-modal communication to multi-modal communication, enabling operators' content-based operations, and creating greater value around calling, Gao said.

Network Intelligence, Achieving Closed-Loop Experience Management

For network intelligence, Gao said that Huawei has built an intelligent network plane centered on the NWDAF. The intelligent plane can collect and store comprehensive data for NFs, such as service logs and KPIs, and centrally perform model training, inference, and prediction. Huawei also launched the intelligent UDG product, which can implement intelligent traffic shaping and differentiated frame-level scheduling, to ensure optimal transmission efficiency and experience.

With the intelligence plane, plus the natively intelligent NFs, service types can be distinguished, service experiences can be evaluated in real time, and the related operations can be completed in a closed loop. All of this ensures a differentiated user experience in the 5.5G era.

O&M Intelligence, Realizing High Network Stability and Efficiency

The 5.5G Core introduces the digital assistant and digital expert capabilities. The former can improve O&M efficiency for frequently occurring problems, and the latter uses foundation models and professional small models for joint analysis, to quickly locate complex core network faults and ensure a highly stable network.

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