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Huawei Enters Leaders Quadrant According to GlobalData's Revenue Management: Competitive Landscape Assessment

Nov 10, 2023

[Shenzhen, China, November 10, 2023] GlobalData, an industry analyst firm, released its Revenue Management: Competitive Landscape Assessment. The report says that Huawei’s next-generation intelligent cloud-native convergent billing system, CBS R23, is positioned as a Leader in competitiveness evaluation.

GlobalData's report ranks the competitiveness of top vendors in the global revenue management field from multiple dimensions, including service and support capabilities, product portfolio, delivery model, customer success and stability and overall evaluation. The report also evaluates the overall strength and aims to serve as a market guide for carriers. Huawei’s Leader position indicates that Huawei's CBS R23 has been recognized by authoritative analyst organizations and has entered the preferred view of carriers' decision-makers through recommendation by third-party organizations.

GlobalData has gained insight into the following key challenges and requirements in the revenue management field:

  • How to accurately locate target customers, provide personalized offer recommendations and customized products based on big data to help carriers improve customer experience?
  • Nowadays new technologies are emerging one after another. How can we use the latest cloud-native technologies and AI to help carriers further reduce costs and improve efficiency?
  • Carriers are generally worried about the slow return on investment (ROI) of 5G. How do they accelerate the monetization of new 5G services?

The following Huawei CBS R23 key capabilities and features help carriers meet the preceding key requirements and challenges:

  • The CBS R23 solution introduces the AI platform to support intelligent offer auto configuration and shorten the TTM of new packages from months to days. The solution can create a user persona based on big data analysis, support smart offer recommendations, provide personalized services and experiences for customers, improve user loyalty, and increase carriers' revenue.
  • The CBS R23 solution supports intelligent O&M, accurate fault location, and automatic fault recovery, reducing manual intervention, and improving maintenance efficiency.
  • The CBS R23 solution builds a full convergent platform from four dimensions: Individual/Family/Enterprise, Internet of People/Things, Charging/Billing/Settlement, and Mobile/Fix/Broadband/Cloud/New service. The solution reduces TCO by 30% for carriers, provides simplified package subscription, management, and convergent One Bill experience for customers, and helps carriers expand new 2B services.
  • The CBS R23 solution has built a cloud-native foundation, which supports gray release and zero interruption in software version upgrades. N-LIVE (a multi-active sides DR solution), automatic switchover within seconds upon site faults, building 99.9999% high reliability.
  • Huawei's CBS R23 solution focuses on open platform construction and partner-oriented services, aims to build a partner-friendly platform. Currently, Huawei CBS provides more than 300 open APIs, helping enable more third-party 5G partners’ development.

As a Leader in the revenue management market, Huawei CBS had connected 2.3 billion subscribers and 600 million IoT users for 200+ CSPs in 110+ countries by the end of 2022. Since 2021, Huawei has signed more than 20+ new 5G SA CBS contracts, and its innovative SaaS business model has been launched successfully in Europe.

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