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AIS Thailand and Huawei Win the APAC Operator Award at FutureNet Asia 2023

Oct 28, 2023

[Singapore, October 28, 2023] FutureNet Asia is one of the highest-profile telecom industry events in the Asia-Pacific region. Focusing on network automation and intelligence, the summit provides a platform for sharing valuable insights on the future of the telecom industry. At FutureNet Asia 2023 held in Singapore on October 18, the Autonomous Networks (AN) project jointly implemented by AIS Thailand and Huawei won the APAC Operator Award.


“The APAC Operator Award

AIS Thailand, one of the world's first CSPs to join the AN industry, is dedicated to collaborating with Huawei to build itself into a cognitive technology company. Over the past few years, AIS Thailand has successfully launched various network automation practices, contributing many typical cases to facilitate the development of the industry. Among them, the following AN scenarios were highlighted at the summit:

1. Customer Complaint Handling

AIS and Huawei designed the Customer Complaint Prevention (CCP) solution, a proactive approach that consolidates near-real-time customer experience data, network events, and process insights through AI models. This strategic initiative aims to promptly detect and address poor customer experiences, utilizing an intelligent and automated integration to identify problem areas/potential root causes and integrate into the customer complaint process to solve customer network problems to improve customer satisfaction.

2. Network Troubleshooting

AIS and Huawei designed AI-based E2E Incident management automation to provide "zero-touch" troubleshooting experience. Apply AI analysis to identify alarm propagation to auto-correlate the fault on both single domain and cross-domain. Establishing dynamic thresholds helps identify risk before incidents, and combine with RCA to eliminate risks before impact on services. Optimizing NOC efficiency and reducing Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR).

To meet the urgent need for improving network O&M around the world, Huawei will continue dedicating itself to advancing the research and development on network autonomy and enabling CSPs to evolve toward AN L4 by 2025 through value creation, industry collaboration, and practices.

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