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Huawei Unveils Three Innovative Digital Fiber Solutions to Accelerate the Development of Digital LATAM

Oct 03, 2023

[Sao Paulo, Brazil, October 3, 2023] At the LATAM Fiber Broadband Leaders Summit in Sao Paulo, Huawei launched three new fiber technologies: Trouble-Free ONT, Smart Wi-Fi 2.0, and Fiber Iris to enable the Digital LATAM.


Daniel Zhang, Vice President of Huawei’s Latin America Marketing and Solution Department

Daniel Zhang, Vice President of Huawei’s Latin America Marketing and Solution Department, noted that the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of Latin American fiber subscribers is currently about 17%. Latin American operators, like their counterparts elsewhere in the world, promoted more scenario-based broadband service to meet users’ digital home requirements. “New home services bring new requirements to fiber network. Better home experience, lesser home visit and faster trouble shooting are the top three concerns for Latin American operators.” Huawei’s three innovative digital fiber solutions will help operators build more intelligent and efficient fiber network.

Huawei Trouble-Free ONT is the industry’s first user self-optimized ONT (optical network terminal). It provides unique 7dBi antenna to increase home Wi-Fi coverage and uses Wi-Fi algorithm optimization to increase home Wi-Fi speed. Meanwhile, innovative user self-optimization helps operators reduce home visits.

Huawei Smart Wi-Fi 2.0 upgrades terminal level analysis to app level analysis, ensuring the quality of FTTH (fiber to the home) experience. It provides app poor-quality analysis with innovative AEC (access edge computing) OLT (optical line terminal) board, helping operators reduce subscriber churn rate. Smart Wi-Fi 2.0 also supports precise user portrait to help operators achieve market upselling.

Huawei Fiber Iris is a unique Huawei breakthrough technology that provides visible and intelligent capabilities for passive ODN. Compared with traditional invisible and dark ODN, Fiber Iris marks each ODN port with an individual label to achieve remote acceptance and fault location. Greatly simplifying network maintenance, the fault location precision reaches meter level.


Kim Jin, Vice President of Huawei’s Optical Business Product Line

During the event, Kim Jin, Vice President of Huawei’s Optical Business Product Line, said: “Huawei continuously increases its R&D investments in the optical domain, and as a result has been leading the development of global optical network industry for a long time. Huawei’s innovative 400G/800G, ultra-broadband solution maximizes single-fiber capacity to build the optimal cost per bit backbone network, innovative Alps-WDM solution helps operators build the cost-effective 100G metro network. “In the future, we will work closely with all Latin American partners, jointly booming F5G-advanced (the fifth-generation fixed network) industry and building Digital LATAM.”

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