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China Mobile and Huawei Win the TM Forum Sustainability Excellence Award 2022

Sep 27, 2022

[Copenhagen, Denmark, September 27 2022] Recently, the TM Forum held the Digital Transformation World (DTW) summit, during which the "Green 5G Enables Sustainable Development" project of China Mobile and Huawei won the Sustainability Excellence Award 2022. By applying the digital-intelligent capabilities of Autonomous Networks (AN) as well as innovative technologies, the project fulfilled its social responsibilities and made outstanding contributions to sustainable development.

Excellence Award

China Mobile and Huawei Win the TM Forum Sustainability Excellence Award 2022

As digitalization is gaining traction, billions of people are connected to communications networks — connections happen all the time. It is estimated that each TB of information helps the society cut CO2 emissions by 115 kg.

Faced with the global goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, China Mobile cooperated with Huawei and leveraged AI technologies to build a "Green 5G" all-scenario solution based on the concept and core capabilities of AN. The highlights of the solution include t:

  1. In terms of 5G network operations, The solution has built all-scenario energy-saving technologies for its network operations to achieve end-to-end energy saving on 5G networks, covering the network layer (5G base stations, transmission devices, equipment rooms, simplified outdoor sites,and data centers).
  2. In terms of industry customer enablement, The solutionhas combined the AI capabilities of AN with the large bandwidth and low latency advantages of 5G to help enterprises (such as iron & steel and automobile) improve resource efficiency and production efficiency in order to achieve energy saving and emission reduction.
  3. In terms of data transfer, China Mobile actively practices "Eastern Data, Western Training" over the computing force network to fully utilize the western advantages of intensive, clustered, and clean energy. Related pilots show that "Eastern Data, Western Training" can effectively cut carbon emissions and support sustainable development.

Faced with the largest network scale and highest energy consumption of wireless base stations, Huawei delivers an experience-based solution that draws on the "single-domain autonomy" concept of AN to formulate the energy-saving policy of "one site, one policy" + multi-network collaboration. At the NE layer, green solar energy is introduced and AI is technologies are leveraged to stagger electricity usage and reduce energy consumption. At the network layer, AI enables precise identification of co-coverage; multi-RAT coordinated hibernation and power control are combined to achieve the optimal trade-off between network experience and energy efficiency. To save energy in transmission devices, OXC technology is introduced. At the NE layer, the use of ultra-high photonic integrated components greatly reduces single-bit power consumption. At the network layer, all-optical scheduling and mesh networking make it possible to build a green all-optical network featuring single-domain autonomy.

In the next decade, communications networks will continue to play a leading role in promoting the development of the world. As a world-leading global ICT solutions provider, Huawei will continue to invest in developing smarter, greener, and more reliable products and solutions to help operators fulfill their social responsibilities of energy conservation and emission reduction, with the ultimate goal of building a green future.

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