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Huawei Releases Intelligent Cloud Network 2.0, Driving DICT Growth for Carriers

Jul 18, 2022

[Shenzhen, China, July 18, 2022] During Huawei Win-Win Innovation Week, Steven Zhao, Vice President of Huawei Data Communication Product Line, officially released Intelligent Cloud- Network 2.0 solution. Based on the intelligent cloud network 1.0, the intelligent cloud network 2.0 is upgraded from four aspects: new architecture, new experience, new model, and new services. It comprehensively improves the intelligent cloud network capabilities, driving DICT growth for carriers, and enable the development of cloud network convergence to a new stage.

Steven Zhao speech

Steven Zhao (Vice President of Huawei Data Communication Product Line) giving speech

Intelligent cloud-network is the "Power Grid" in the digital economy era. In October 2020, Huawei launched Intelligent Cloud-Network 1.0 solution for the first time, ushering in a new era of cloud network convergence.

Zhao pointed out that after the development of the past two years, intelligent cloud-network has become a consensus in the industry and has been deployed globally on a large scale. By June 2022, Huawei has deployed more than 260 intelligent cloud networks and 40,000 intelligent clouds.

As industry digitalization deepens, carriers expand service boundaries to meet industry digital transformation requirements and improve connection capabilities to meet service expansion requirements. The connection scope extends from WAN to cloud, and to campus. Carriers need to transform from connection providers to digital service providers.

Faced with these challenges, Huawei Data Communication Product Line officially released the Intelligent Cloud Network 2.0 solution, driving DICT growth for carriers. Zhao explained “With upgrades in 4 aspects that includes new architecture, new experience, new mode, and new service, Intelligent Cloud-Network 2.0 extends the boundaries of intelligent cloud-network connectivity and expands the service scope of carriers, driving DICT growth for them.”

Next, Zhao introduces the meaning of "Four Aspects ".

First, New architecture @ DC implements unified bearer of high-performance computing, general computing, and storage networks over Ethernet, unified service orchestration from multiple vendors, and minute-level rollout of new services.

Second, New experience @ WAN: NetEngine 8000 F8, most powerful metro CO router, provides higher port density and full service capabilities, and saves energy consumption by over 40%. Path computation element implement refined network operation, improving resource utilization by 30%.

Third, New model @ Campus network can meets the requirements of government and enterprise customers. Carriers can extend their DICT capabilities from WAN to LAN, implementing cloud-managed network services that integrate WAN and LAN services for the first time.

Finally, New service @ Cyber security helps carriers provide online on-demand subscription of security services and scenario-based one-stop security solutions, ensuring the digital transformation of the industry.

In the future, Intelligent Cloud-Network 2.0 will bring value into play in more industries, scenarios, and services. It will provide digital momentum for all industries and drive DICT growth for carriers.

Win-Win Huawei Innovation Week is held in Shenzhen from July 18 to July 22. Huawei and global operators, industry elites, and KOLs will discuss trending topics such as 5.5G, green development, computing network, and digital transformation, to achieve a win-win future for the digital economy. For more information, please visit:

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