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Huawei Receives Sustainable Development Best Practice Award from UNGC Network China

Apr 07, 2022

[Shenzhen, China, April 7, 2022] Huawei has received the 2021 United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Best Practice Award from UNGC Network China for its contribution to sustainable development and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The award is given annually to companies who demonstrate a strong contribution to sustainable development in China and on a global level.


Global Compact Network China Best Practice Award 2021

As part of its Tech for a Better Planet campaign, Huawei has run multiple projects that have supported environmental protection and the fight against climate change over the last year.

In terms of its own products and solutions, Huawei has promoted the development of a circular economy by reducing its consumption of raw materials, improving resource use efficiency, and developing environmentally friendly materials at the product design stage. For example, its hydrophobic coatings for phone packaging have reduced the use of traditional coatings made from disposable plastic by 46.3 tons for every 10 million phones.

Huawei also recently turned its attention to the digital power sector, developing digital power technologies that have helped customers generate 482.9 billion kWh of green power, saving 14.2 billion kWh of electricity and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 230 million tons.

Huawei has also partnered with multiple international organizations under its TECH4ALL initiative to launch a series of nature conservation projects designed to safeguard ecosystems and biodiversity.


Huawei and China Mobile Yunnan established China's first Asian elephant protection, monitoring, and warning system in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan


Huawei provides AI tools for the Guardian project at Lake Neusiedl in Austria's Seewinkel National Park

Through its initiatives and technologies, Huawei successfully minimized its own carbon emissions in 2021 while helping customers and partners from around the world implement low-carbon strategies.