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Accelerating Digital Operations Transformation towards Business Success

Mar 01, 2022

[Barcelona, Spain, March 1, 2022] Huawei hosted the Operation Transformation Summit 2022 (OTF 2022) as part of MWC22 Barcelona, where leading global operators, industry partners and organizations, and other top experts met to discuss how the telecom industry will capitalize on the new opportunities being created by the digital economy. The summit, themed "Accelerating Digital Operations Transformation towards Business Success", focused on accelerating the evolution of next-generation autonomous networks by targeting the three major transformation journeys that will drive revenue growth and efficiency improvement. Operators shared their own success cases on how they leveraged both data and experience insights to grow their user bases and create new revenue sources by building agile, cloud-native operations systems in areas like CEC and Fintech.

Tang Qibin

Bill Tang, President, Global Technical Service, Huawei

Bill Tang, President of Huawei's Global Technical Service (GTS), delivered a keynote at the event titled "Upgrading Practice-based Digital Operations to Capture the New Wave". In it, he explained how the changes we've recently seen in the consumer Internet will soon be replicated in industrial Internets as more breakthroughs are made in revolutionary digital technologies like 5G, intelligence and Meta. The digital economy is driven by both business and technology, meaning value creation will only be achieved through transformation in multiple parts of the industry. Tang stressed, "Changing yourself first and then serving customers to help them face these industry changes. Huawei developed its own long-term digital transformation strategy in 2017, and verified the feasibility of various platforms, processes, and technologies through its own delivery and maintenance transformation. It applied its solutions to a large number of value scenarios of digital transformation and accumulated transformation experience. This experience is helping Huawei services better enable customers to innovate digital services, create ultimate user experience, and implement high-quality and efficient intelligent O&M.” In the end, Bill called on industry partners to work together to build industry standards and accelerate practice implementation and upgrade.

Nik Willetts, CEO of TM Forum noted that it is time to make Zero-touch Operations a reality. TM Forum has already proposed a digital transformation target architecture to accelerate operators' digital transformations based on autonomous networks, including strategies, standards, processes, organizations, platforms, and network capabilities needed.

Zheng Jie, Director, China Mobile Group Chairman & CEO, China Mobile Zhejiang, also spoke at the forum for “Accelerate High-level Autonomous Networks, Achieve Digital-Intelligent Transformation”. China Mobile Zhejiang is committed to becoming a leader in 5G+ development, a major force in digital Zhejiang, an enabler of smart society, and a pioneer in high-quality development. Zheng explained that "During the deployment and development of 5G networks, China Mobile Zhejiang encountered a series of challenges in areas of complex 5G network optimization, differentiated requirements of B2B enterprises, precise coverage and capacity optimization. It deploys autonomous networks and fully leverages automation and intelligence to facilitate the rapid development of 5G services. Special attention is given to ensuring an excellent customer experience and leading network quality in the process of building premium, agile, elastic, intelligent, and green 5G autonomous networks, which allows China Mobile Zhejiang to take the lead in 5G development."

Jacky Zhou, Vice President of Huawei Marketing and Solution, closed out the summit with a keynote address on "Initiating a New Blue Ocean, Unleash the Power of Digital Operations Transformation." Huawei helps carriers continuously transform advanced digital technologies and platform capabilities as an enabler of larger digital transformation journeys. It combines cloud-native and intelligent capabilities to enable convergent and intelligent digital business transformation and help customers achieve business agility. Recently the company has launched various solutions, including Fintech solutions, customer engagement centers, and convergent billing and charging to achieve new growth. This kind of cross-domain data-driven digital transformation experience enables scenario-based best networks that help operators increase their 5G user bases and enable real-time perception and precise assurance of different customer experiences in different application scenarios. Predictable digital operation transformation enables operation models that feature zero service impact, zero touch NOC, and zero code development, improving quality and efficiency and facilitating talent transformation.

Zhou Xiaohua

Jacky Zhou, Vice President, Marketing & Solution, Huawei

Zhou said, "Digital operation transformation is accelerating. 'Think Big, Start Small'. Operators should take action, start from the most important scenarios, continue to iterate solutions, expand their transformations, and gradually realize digital transformation."

MWC22 Barcelona runs from February 28 to March 3 in Barcelona, Spain. Huawei showcases its products and solutions at stand 1H50 in Fira Gran Via Hall 1. Together with global operators, industry professionals, and opinion leaders, we dive into topics such as industry trends, GUIDE to the Future, and green development to envision the future of digital networks. For more information, please visit: