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Huawei, China Unicom, Partners Announce 5G Private Network PLUS Achievements

Mar 11, 2022

[China, Shenzhen, March 11, 2022] China Unicom's 5G Private Network PLUS Achievements were announced during MWC Barcelona 2022. It detailed how private networks for edge interconnection, highly-reliable campus networks, and customized network slicing for differentiated services are fueling 5G development and industrial digitalization. The event was jointly hosted by Huawei, China Unicom, GSMA, Midea, Ferrotec, Chang'an Automobile, Hikrobot, and Shanxi Xiangning Coking Coal Group.

5G PLUS release

China Unicom 5G Private Network PLUS Achievements Release

China Unicom's Vice President Liang Baojun explained at the event that China Unicom is continuing with their 5G Application "Sailing" Action Plan (2022-2025) to achieve five key goals: strengthening the foundation for computing-network integration, deepening the integration and innovation of 5G, promoting 5G application security, working with partners to create innovative 5G applications, and finally replicating these applications. These actions will help accelerate the commercial adoption of 5G applications, enabling more fields like information consumption, vertical industries, and social livelihood to go digital.

As the 5G industry continues to develop, carrier innovation and industry partnerships are becoming increasingly key to industrial application. China Unicom Big Data's Chief Scientist Fan Ji'an further explained that, "Compared with 5G Private Network 1.0, China Unicom's 5G Private Network PLUS has made breakthroughs in three areas — network capabilities, industry adaptation, and service rollout and operations. We have enhanced wide private networks in terms of 5G VPN capability and local private networks in terms of edge interconnection, reliability for campuses, and slice-based service assurance, and expanded the use of these networks from peripheral non-production services to the core production phases."

Private Network for Edge Interconnection: Multi-AGV Collaboration with 5G LAN

5G Private Network PLUS's edge interconnection capabilities were developed by China Unicom together with industry partners like Huawei and Hikrobot to not only meet but exceed 3GPP standards to create the industry's first multi-AGV collaboration empowered by 5G LAN. 5G LAN simplifies edge networks, improves network efficiency and product line availability, and reduces the costs of network construction and maintenance.

Highly Reliable Campus Networks: Ensuring Continuity of Key Services in Coal Mines

5G Private Network PLUS also leverages the agile and innovative One Telco Cloud to providing industry-leading high-reliability campus networks. Huawei helped China Unicom reshape their existing network into One Telco Cloud and distribute edge networks to make network operations simpler and more flexible. Richard Liu, President of Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line, explained at the event that with One Telco Cloud and its own centralized operations platform, services can be provided in just one click after they are purchased and deliver a consistent service experience with a one-stop guarantee.

By deploying MEC devices, including those on the 5GC emergency control plane, in enterprise campuses, production data can be processed locally. In the event disaster recovery is required, 5G campus networks can also work with the carrier network to ensure the reliability of key production services. This style of campus network has already been used to great effect at Xiangning Coking Coal Group's Yanjiahe Coal Mine.

Slice-Based Private Networks: Customized Network Slices for a Differentiated Service Experience

Finally, 5G Private Network PLUS is capable of customizing network slices. It provides four types of 5G network slicing products: Economy-Class Network Slicing, Business-Class U Network Slicing, Business-Class E Network Slicing, and First-Class Network Slicing. These products all feature agile deployment, customized functions, flexible charging, and smart operations. Through China Unicom's centralized 5G slicing operations platform, service requirements can be converted into network templates, and the required resources can be quickly deployed.

Si Han, President of GSMA Greater China, also praised China Unicom for greatly accelerating large-scale adoption of 5G applications with 5G Private Network PLUS, which is a huge step towards realizing "5G City".