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Telkomsel, TPG Joint with Huawei Won the GTI Awards 2022 'Market Development Award '

Mar 01, 2022

[Barcelona, Spain, March 1st, 2022] During the MWC22 Barcelona, World Leading Operators Telkomsel, TPG, joint with Huawei won the GTI Awards '2022 Market Development' Award for their outstanding contributions to the 2.3 GHz industry.

Market Development Award

Telkomsel, TPG, joint with Huawei won the GTI Awards 2022 'Market Development Award'

In October 2021, Huawei cooperated with GTI hold the second global 2.3 GHz spectrum roundtable. The roundtable urges the industry to work together to solve the problem of network coexistence and improve spectrum availability.

By the end of December 2021, more than 46 countries and regions have released the 2.3 GHz frequency band, and more than 65 operators have obtained the rights to use the 2.3 GHz frequency band.

Since Telkomsel launched 2.3 GHz-based 5G services in Indonesia in May 2021, users in nine cities, including Jakarta, have been able to experience new 5G services. Telkomsel became the first mobile network operator in Indonesia to commercialize 5G services. "Telkomsel is committed to continue expanding its network coverage and develop 5G services in a scalable and gradual approach. We also hope that Telkomsel's 5G services in the future can encourage the acceleration of the Industry 4.0 ecosystem to increase productivity and operational efficiency in various industrial sectors" Akhmad Madces, Telkomsel's VP of RAN engineering and project, said.

Huawei wireless network VP of 5G & LTE TDD product line, XU Daozhou said:“As a strategic partner of global mobile operators, we are proud to support leading global operators such as Telkomsel, TPG, with leading solutions to build an unprecedented high-performance network with the best user experience. Frequency band resources are the basis of mobile broadband networks. The 2.3 GHz frequency band is the most popular TDD 4G/LTE frequency band for mobile network operators (MNOs) around the world and has become a key 5G resource. By February 2022, there are 297 commercial NR 2.3 GHz-capable devices, and the 2.3 GHz 5G ecosystem is becoming increasingly mature.”

More than 55 countries and regions are expected to launch the 2.3 GHz band by the end of 2022. To promote efficient use and rapid deployment of 2.3 GHz LTE TDD globally and smooth evolution to 5G, During the conference, GTI, together with Huawei and multiple operators and industry partners, released the 2.3 GHz Industry Statement, calling for accelerating the allocation of TDD 2.3 GHz spectrum (2300–2400 MHz) and TDD continuous large bandwidth up to 100 MHz, reducing the deployment cost per bit. Improve user experience across generations. It will remove possible barriers to 2.3 GHz usage. The Roundtable urged the industry to work together to address network coexistence and improve spectrum availability. In addition, Huawei will urge the terminal industry chain to forcibly support the NR 2.3 GHz frequency band in 2022, and better support EN-DC, carrier aggregation, SUL, 1T4R/2T4R SRS antenna switching, and 80-100 MHz channel bandwidth.

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