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Huawei's Mobile VPN Solution Won the Digital Transformation Project of the Year Award at ACA 2022

Dec 22, 2022

[Singapore, December 22, 2022] At the Asia Communication Awards (ACA) 2022 held online by Total Telecom, a world-renowned international telecommunications media company, Huawei's Mobile VPN solution scooped the Digital Transformation Project of the Year Award for its contribution to the digitalization of different industries.

won prize

Huawei won Digital Transformation Project of the Year

Mobile VPN is a leading innovative solution designed to tackle the problems encountered by enterprises during their digital transformation. Prior to its launch, a comprehensive field survey was conducted, which collected information on campus private networks spanning hundreds of enterprises. The survey concluded that enterprises expected to access the campus network securely and quickly from any location at any time. When conventional VPN solutions are used, the traffic has to be detoured through the Internet, slowing down the service access speed, which results in a deteriorating experience. In addition, the work efficiency is severely affected as repeated authentications are required when users switch between public and private networks.

To address these issues, Mobile VPN uses operators' intranets to provide on-demand and direct private networks for enterprises. Users can securely access the campus private networks anytime, anywhere, and at high speeds. As a result, this directly improves both work and production efficiency. Mobile VPN outperforms conventional VPN solutions as follows:

  • Superior experience: The downlink network rate is tenfold higher as packets are directly transmitted on the operators' intranets, instead of being detoured through the Internet.
  • Easy connection: Traffic destined for the private and public networks is authenticated and steered at the operators' core networks. In this way, tedious manual authentication is no longer needed and users can seamlessly switch between the private and public networks.
  • High reliability: Data is transmitted on the operators' intranets, reducing data exposure risks. In addition, carrier-class E2E authentication is more secure and reliable.
  • Easy O&M: Exploiting operators' 4G and 5G networks, no separate VPN networks are established in campuses. Enterprises can quickly put private networks into use and improve O&M efficiency.

Huawei's Mobile VPN solution has been proven effective and put into commercial use in scenarios such as government private networks, school campus private networks, and remote office. The solution will be replicated in more enterprises and institutions, so as to help various industries achieve their digital transformation.

Launched in 2011, ACA is a prestigious recognition given to communication service providers and telecom operators as well as equipment vendors, solution providers, and consulting firms that have made significant contributions and innovations in promoting Asia's telecommunications industry.

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