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Huawei and AICTO Hosted the 1st Africa 5G Summit

5G Lighting Up Digital Africa
Nov 01, 2022

[Bangkok, Thailand, November 1, 2022] The first Africa 5G Summit was held in Bangkok, Thailand, with the theme of "5G Lighting Up Digital Africa". The summit was hosted by Huawei and supported by the Tunisia based Arab ICT Organization (AICTO), which aims to build a communication platform between Africa and the world's 5G leading markets. ICT industry organizations, government regulators and carriers were invited to gather in this summit to share experience and exchange viewpoints on key topics, such as "National 5G strategic planning, Carriers’ 5G business practices and the strategy of 4G/5G collaborative network evolution”, in order to support the steady flying of 5G and acceleration of unleashing the potential of digital economy.

Yang Chaobin, President of Huawei ICT Products and Solutions, remarked in his opening speech that 5G enables fiber like user experience by providing 10 times faster speed than that in 4G, which will reshape the ICT industry development. Sufficient spectrum supplies and supportive policies provided by regulators are quite significant to facilitate 5G development in the early stage.

Yang speaks

Yang Chaobin, President of Huawei ICT Products and Solutions

According to Mr Mohamed Ben Amor, the Secretary General of the AICTO, the digital economy has become an important pillar of national economic development. 5G as the foundation of national digital transformation, plays an increasingly significant role in promoting national economic and social development. Facing the opportunities and challenges of 5G development, AICTO will continue the collaborations with ICT industry partners in the Arab and African regions to promote regional digital transformation successfully.

In his keynote speech, Mr Coulibaly Yacouba, the CEO of Cote d'Ivoire Spectrum Authority AIGF said that Cote d'Ivoire is actively embracing the advent of the 5G era. The government and local operators are making comprehensive preparations for the commercial launch of 5G in the country. People is expected to be able to enjoy the ultimate service experience brought by innovative 5G technologies during the next Africa Cup of Nations held in Cote d'Ivoire.

5G lightning ceremony

Guests from industry organizations, government regulators, and Huawei jointly launched the ceremony 5G lights up digital Africa

Benjamin Hou, President of Huawei Northern Africa Carrier Business, delivered a closing speech, “as the third wave of global 5G market, Africa will open the 5G era in 2023. Huawei will further increase its investment in Africa to support the steady development of 5G to facilitate digital transformation in the region. In Africa, for Africa, Huawei will continue to deepen cooperation with industry partners to support customers' business success in the 5G era.”

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