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China Unicom and Huawei Jointly Scoop the Enterprise 5G Leadership Award at the 5G World Summit

Oct 24, 2022

[Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 24, 2022] At the 19th 5G World Summit hosted by Informal Tech, China Unicom and Huawei jointly scooped the Enterprise 5G Leadership Award for their trailblazing practices and leading performance in the standardization, innovation, and commercialization of private 5G networks. This award recognizes their significant achievements in leveraging 5G to open up new business opportunities for enterprises in different industries.

5G Leadership Award

Enterprise 5G Leadership Award for China Unicom and Huawei

Liang Baojun, Vice President of China Unicom, said that China Unicom will hold this award as an opportunity to expedite the integration of 5G with different industry sectors. Liang said, “Together with industry stakeholders, China Unicom will continue to explore 5G's applicable scenarios, develop the corresponding key capabilities, and contribute to the development of the ecosystem. On top of this, China Unicom will embrace the new challenges and opportunities together with industry partners and chart new waters across the 5GtoB ocean.”

David Wang, Huawei's Executive Director and ICT Infrastructure Managing Board Director, said, "This award recognizes the vast achievements born out of our in-depth alliance, which has been highly endorsed by our industry peers. Huawei is willing to join forces with global customers and industry partners. Together, let's continue to promote 5G applications, empower more and more industries, and build a better intelligent world."

5G has become a major force in driving the development of the global digital economy. Operators can rely on their extensive 5G network footprint to continuously strengthen the capabilities of MEC to X. In doing so, they can expand MEC's service range from a single domain to dual domains and from LANs to WANs, push 5G to move further into campuses and penetrate core production phases, and synergize connectivity with computing. Ultimately, the ubiquitous properties of MEC will empower everything, including MEC to Office, MEC to Campus, MEC to Manufacturing, MEC to Mining, and MEC to Electric Power, thereby elevating industrial transformation to new heights.

Under a comprehensive 5GtoB network architecture featuring a centralized cloud and distributed MEC, China Unicom, together with Huawei, has successfully launched the 5G Private Network PLUS product series. These products have enabled one-place service subscription, one-click service provisioning, one-stop O&M, and also intensive, Internet-based operations. In addition, they have significantly advanced collaborative service innovation and application promotion across different network domains. Propelled forward by 5G on both technological and business tracks, MEC is scaling up rapidly and presenting stronger commercial value.

In terms of product innovation, China Unicom and Huawei jointly developed a series of standard WAN-related products, such as Mobile VPN and Multi-Campus Private Network, which can help customers deploy private networks much more efficiently. They also presented LAN-related products, including Private Network for Edge Interconnection, Highly Reliable Campus Network, and Slice-Based Private Network, pushing 5G into enterprises' core production phases.

To accelerate the promotion of private 5G networks, China Unicom and Huawei have been closely studying each industry to identify typical service scenarios, set up baseline solutions on a case by case basis, and formulate templates for automatic configuration and provisioning of these solutions. In this way, the delivery and O&M of MEC are greatly simplified, and a single innovation can be replicated swiftly across an entire nation. Along with pursuing economies of scale for the commercialization of 5GtoB, China Unicom and Huawei have fast tracked MEC to enter a virtuous business cycle.

China Unicom and Huawei have also been passionate about developing a sustainable, beneficial 5GtoB ecosystem that can better coordinate industries, academia, and research institutes for open innovation and extensive 5G application. Together with a consortium of partners including industry associations, leading enterprises, and solution providers, China Unicom and Huawei have been dedicated to refining industry standards, carrying out tests in the innovation lab, and promoting the R&D and commercial use of new products and solutions.

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