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Huawei Outlines Innovative Solutions for a New Era in Digitalization

Oct 18, 2022

[Paris, France, October 18, 2022] At HUAWEI CONNECT 2022 in Paris, Huawei unveiled a series of innovative infrastructure solutions designed to rise to the next-generation challenges of digitalization. This flagship event for the ICT industry featured a series of presentations exploring such challenges in depth and how Huawei's innovations can respond to the needs of the industry.

David Wang, Executive Director of Huawei's Board and Chairman of their ICT Infrastructure Managing Board, stressed in his keynote speech that 5.5G will be a key milestone on our path to an intelligent world.

Wang noted: "We must continue to work hard if we hope to reach an intelligent world. The 5.5G era is an important milestone on this path – one we cannot miss. In the 5.5G era, we will need ubiquitous 10 Gbit/s experience; intelligent and high-quality compute scheduling; highly autonomous L4 networks; Cloud Native 2.0 services for enterprises, and a 10-fold increase of computing effectiveness, storage, and infrastructure energy efficiency."

Wang also called upon the ICT industry to coordinate efforts around eight facets of this vision. By working together to further define and refine the industry vision and standards for the 5.5G era, the industry will move ever faster towards the 5.5G era and the intelligent world.

David keynote

David Wang delivering the keynote

Next, Alexander Maslo, CTO of Huawei's Western Europe Enterprise Business Group, discussed how Huawei's Intelligent Cloud-Network solutions are helping customers drive digital transformation, referencing CloudCampus, CloudFabric and CloudWAN. He also showcased the industry's first Wi-Fi 7 AP AirEngine 8771-X1T, 400G-ready next-generation campus core switch CloudEngine S16700, and ultra-compact universal-service aggregation router NetEngine 8000 M4. These innovations were framed within a wider backdrop, in which network requirements are becoming increasingly stringent amid increasing digital disruption.

Marco Giraldo, Senior Architect of Optical in Western Europe, explored the role of the 5th generation fixed networks in driving productivity. He emphasized Huawei's all-optical transmission and access solutions for the 5th generation fixed network with simplified ultra-broadband, full-fiber connection and guaranteed reliable experience. Following the increasing requirements of green agile, real-time elasticity, and intelligent sensing of industrial networks, Giraldo introduced Huawei's innovative products and solutions for all-optical campuses, all-optical industrial networks, and all-optical sensing.

Dr. Assaf Natanzon, Chief Architect of Data Storage at Huawei, discussed three major data storage trends resulting from diverse data applications adoption and cloud integration, real-time data processing, and comprehensive data protection. He then reflected on how Huawei employs a data-centric approach building a trustworthy storage foundation to help customers modernize data center infrastructure and accelerate digitalization.

The event also featured a panel discussion about the changing requirements for digital transformation. Eric Blazy, CEO of Orange Connectivity and Workspace services at Orange Business services, said: "Amid persistent supply chain challenges, Huawei is the one who can make the difference and deliver solutions. This partnership has been instrumental in meeting our customer expectations."

Pierre Demourres, Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer at SES-imagotag, said: "The past three years have highlighted the need for businesses to prioritize flexibility, resilience and efficiency. Trends like hybrid working create new IT infrastructure challenges, and it's important that we adapt to changing customer needs."

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