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Huawei Cooperates with China Unicom Qinghai to Deploy World's First Commercial Outdoor OptiX SuperSite Solution

Jul 09, 2021

[Xining, China, July 9, 2021] The Qinghai branch of China Unicom (Qinghai Unicom) and Huawei jointly completed the deployment of the world's first outdoor OptiX SuperSite solution for commercial use. This solution uses existing wireless site resources and integrates site OLT devices and OTN devices to build all-optical integrated service access sites. It also enables the fast provisioning of gigabit fiber broadband for home users and provides premium OTN private lines for enterprises, implementing unified bearing of individual, home, and enterprise services within several kilometers and offering a high-speed information entry to construct digital villages.

In recent years, China's digital economy has grown rapidly. In 2020, the scale of China's digital economy reached CNY39.2 trillion, accounting for 38.6% of China's GDP. The Chinese government attaches great importance to bridging the digital divide between urban and rural areas, and has released related policies to promote digital village construction and improve the informatization level of rural areas. In 2021, China started to fully implement digital village construction and development projects and drive the construction of gigabit optical networks, 5G, and mobile IoT in rural areas along with planning and construction in urban areas. As a state-owned enterprise, Qinghai Unicom proactively fulfills its responsibilities by comprehensively promoting the construction of information infrastructure for gigabit optical networks and providing ultra-high-quality gigabit optical network services for people of all ethnic groups in Qinghai.

In addition, Qinghai Unicom continuously enhances the coverage of integrated service access sites by using Huawei's innovative outdoor OptiX SuperSite solution based on the network characteristics in Qinghai province, including its expansive terrain, low population density, insufficient site space, and long distance in one hop. Huawei's solution effectively meets the requirements of fast access through gigabit broadband and premium OTN private lines in remote, rural areas of the province.

The outdoor OptiX SuperSite solution features efficient heat dissipation and low power consumption technologies. By integrating optical access devices and OTN devices in a small outdoor cabinet, this solution enables fast outdoor installation, as well as rapid deployment and provisioning of gigabit broadband and premium OTN private lines.

Efficient deployment and fast service provisioning: The network deployment duration is reduced from 46 days to 15 hours. Moreover, digital QuickODN pre-connection technology is integrated to complete network construction within 2 days without fiber splicing, achieving quick provisioning of gigabit optical network services for home and industry customers.

Investment saving and quality assurance: Resources at wireless pole-mounted sites can be reused, and no site space expansion is required. By using OTNs with ultra-long single spans (more than 100 km), this solution further saves investments in site construction and auxiliary facilities. In addition, this solution supports OTN upstream wavelength isolation and achieves one-hop connection to core sites, simplifying network aggregation layers and shortening the transmission latency to 1 ms.

Integrated access and smooth capacity expansion: An OptiX SuperSite implements unified bearing of home broadband, premium OTN private line, and 5G services within a few kilometers, realizing one-stop integrated access. This solution also uses WDM technology in the upstream direction to support service expansion by adding boards. In this way, smooth capacity expansion and upgrades can be performed without service interruptions.

Zhu Changbo, President of Qinghai Unicom, said, "The successful commercial use of the outdoor OptiX SuperSite solution can further improve the home and enterprise service capabilities of Qinghai Unicom. With this solution, we can use high-quality gigabit optical networks to construct digital villages, enhance rural informatization, and boost the development of Qinghai's agricultural economy."

Richard Jin, President of Huawei's Optical Business Product Line, said, "The outdoor OptiX SuperSite solution implements co-site deployment of OTN devices and optical access devices for the first time and defines all-optical integrated service access sites. It simplifies the access network architecture and significantly improves the quality and provisioning efficiency of home, government, and enterprise services. In the future, Huawei will further spur convergence and innovation in the optical field and bring a high-quality service experience to each home, enterprise, village, and city through premium all-optical connections to help build a digital China."