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Huawei’s Bill Tang: Target Efforts to Protect Networks and Bring Warmth with Huawei Service

Jul 14, 2021

[Shenzhen, China, July 14, 2021] During Huawei User Group Meeting 2021, Bill Tang, President of Huawei Global Technical Service Dept., delivered a keynote speech titled "Target Efforts to Protect Networks and Bring Warmth with Huawei Service". Bill Tang pointed out that the increased demand for multi-RAT networks, virtualization, and cloud transformation during the global pandemic has brought unprecedented pressure and new challenges to carriers' networks, namely, the efforts required to safeguard the stability and security of global carriers' networks. In 2020, Huawei Global Technical Service (GTS) implemented 850,000 network changes and intercepted unauthorized access millions of times. Huawei GTS ensured 5 ‘uninterrupted’, which is uninterrupted network operations, uninterrupted supply of spare parts, uninterrupted TAC response, uninterrupted onsite network inspection, maintenance, and uninterrupted warm customer communication during the pandemic and beyond. In 2021, Huawei will continue to adhere to its commitments and provide warmth in their approach to customer service.

Bill Tang

Bill Tang, President of Huawei Global Technical Service Dept.

Bill Tang emphasized that showing warmth means giving customers assurance that they are being taken care of. Digital means are used to predict and prevent network risks, quickly respond to problems, guarantee key events, and provide an optimal network experience. Ensuring the stability of these network operations is Huawei's responsibility. Network security and privacy protection are Huawei's top priorities. By continuously improving data security and operation trustworthiness, customers can rest assured when using Huawei's services. Warmth also means innovation. Multiple digital technologies are introduced into each phase of services to achieve new network experience and value.

Securing networks with proactive services is the most important thing to do to ensure network stability. Huawei has a team of more than 4500 local maintenance experts to assist customers in routine maintenance. The experience of the company’s experts is accumulated on the platform to form a huge and rich knowledge base. This knowledge base can be quickly shared during specific scenarios to ensure that the hundreds of network systems running around the world remain stable. With the help of risk analysis cloud platform and expert checks, 85% of major network risks can be accurately identified and solved before any damage is done. In 2020 alone, more than 500 major accidents around the world were avoided because of this knowledge base. To cope with dynamic network changes, Huawei has more than 1000 Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC) experts, who resolve customers' network problems and potential risks at any time. With a strong knowledge base combined with a warm customer service approach, customers rarely experience faults in their networks.

The Huawei TAC2.0 platform quickly responds to network faults. Customers can also contact Huawei customer service representatives and obtain a response within a minute. For urgent trouble tickets, global experts are convened within 5 minutes, and with the assistance of the operation platform, recovery solutions are quickly output within 20 minutes for expert approval. Services can be recovered in little under an hour. For key event assurance, based on the principles of prevention before an event, attendance during an event, and a summary after an event, Huawei has maintained a zero accident and zero interruption record for 20 consecutive years.

Best network experience is another important factor for ensuring carriers' network quality. Only the best devices and professional services can provide the best network experiences. On the one hand, Huawei uses the latest technologies and algorithm models, such as 4G/5G collaboration and algorithm optimization, to improve the network experience and help customers achieve the leading position in network experience tests. On the other hand, leading technologies and platforms provide new experiences and value for carriers' networks. Through automation, intelligence, knowledge bases, and machine aided vision technologies remote operations are implemented, protecting the personal health of operators and improving their operation efficiency and the overall user experience.

In the end, Bill Tang emphasized that together with customers, Huawei will protect networks and bring warmth to its customer services. Even in the face of unpredictability, Huawei services make every user feel they are cared for. Looking ahead, Huawei strives to provide customers with stable, trustworthy, professional, and innovative services and continuously create larger value for society and customers.

Since the first Huawei User Group Meeting 13 years ago, an Advisory Board composed of 12 representatives from Huawei's customer base has worked with over 440 customer volunteers to actively offer leading industry insights which formulate suggestions for Huawei's operations. Then, in collaboration with Huawei's project teams, the Board participates in improvement projects to address the identified top issues. To date, more than 60 such projects have been implemented to continually improve the quality of Huawei's products, services, and solutions, and create greater value for our customers.

The Huawei User Group Meeting 2021 ran from July 13 to 14, 2021 and is organized around the themes, "Listening | Cooperation | Improvement | Development". It is a platform for customers, Huawei experts and partners from around the world to exchange and share ideas. Pease visit: