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Huawei, China Mobile, and Industry Partners Release 5G-Advanced Technology Evolution White Paper

Aug 05, 2021

[Beijing, China, August 5, 2021] Huawei published a white paper titled 5G-Advanced Technology Evolution from a Network Perspective — Towards a New Era of Intelligent Connect X with China Mobile and other industry partners. This paper is the first in the industry to expand on the architecture and technical direction for 5G-Advanced, aiming to provide guidelines that will promote 5G technologies and construct a sustainable 5G industry.

White Paper Release

5G-Advanced Technology Evolution White Paper Release

Some of the representatives who attended the release ceremony include Duan Xiaodong (Vice President of China Mobile Research Institute), Liu Hong (Head of Technology at Greater China, GSMA), Richard Liu (President of Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line), and Harri Holma (Fellow and Chief Advisor of Radio Systems, Nokia). These guests shared their insights in keynote speeches.

Though scaling up rapidly, 5G has yet to reach maturity. To extract greater social and economic value from 5G, 3GPP officially announced 5.5G as the second phase of 5G, naming it 5G-Advanced. From here, industry partners reached consensus on 5G-Advanced development and composed this white paper to clarify the requirements and technologies for its evolution from 5G, thus expediting its development on networks.

5G is essential to upgrading service experience and fueling digital and intelligent transformation of industries. To penetrate deeper into industries, 5G requires the convergence of DT, OT, IT, and CT (DOICT). And the core network, akin to the brain of the E2E network, plays a pivotal role in 5G-Advanced network evolution. Therefore, we must promote the development of 5G core network architecture and technologies in line with our business models, as it will help operators improve ROI and help industry players better utilize 5G networks during digital and intelligent transformation.

To enhance network capabilities and meet ever-diversifying service requirements, 5G-Advanced will evolve both 5G architecture and technology.

Under the 5G-Advanced network architecture come cloud-network and computing-network synergies.

  • Cloud Native can be utilized to strengthen the NFV-based telecom cloud and enable flexible deployment of 5G networks.
  • Edge Network can combine distributed networks with edge services.
  • Network-as-a-Service will enable various customized solutions for vertical industries.

Moreover, 5G-Advanced technologies have three main highlights:

  • AI will take the capabilities and quality of services to new heights through network functions and network management.
  • Convergence will combine different RATs and different types of networks for unified support. Network services can be tailored to different industries.
  • Enablement will customize networks with proactivity, flexibility, and resource isolation under 5G-Advanced capabilities.

With continuous enhancement, 5G-Advanced will allow us to rapidly roll out network functions and iterate them on-demand to fit into various service scenarios.

The white paper will serve as a valuable reference for 5G-Advanced development. For it to thrive, however, cooperation is needed. If you want to go far, go together. Huawei is eager to work out a solution with industry partners to ignite 5G development, and build a fruitful 5G industry.

Click here to download the 5G-Advanced Technology Evolution White Paper: Link