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China Mobile Zhejiang and Huawei Co-awarded "Best Innovative Commercial Case in 5G Automation 2021"

May 11, 2021

[London, UK, May 11, 2021] China Mobile Zhejiang and Huawei were co-awarded the "Best Innovative Commercial Case in 5G Automation 2021" for their world-first intelligent 5G core network O&M project at the fourth 360° Network Automation Congress recently held online by Layer123.

Best Innovative Commercial Case

2019 China Mobile Zhejiang and Huawei Co-awarded "Best Innovative Commercial Case in 5G Automation 2021"

With the rapid construction and large-scale commercial use of NFV and 5G all-cloud networks, operator networks are facing O&M challenges such as complex O&M, high security risks, and difficulties in ensuring service quality, particularly for networks that cover large regions, with a large management scope, and from multiple vendors. Due to the lack of effective fault demarcation methods in NFV scenarios, operators need to coordinate cross-product and cross-vendor O&M experts to manually troubleshoot alarms when they are reported on the cloud-based network, which results in high communication costs, difficult demarcation, and slow processing. Therefore, operators should give top priority to building cross-layer fault demarcation for NFV scenarios.

China Mobile Zhejiang and Huawei jointly conducted a series of pilot projects to verify innovative intelligent O&M technologies in NFV scenarios, and built a troubleshooting center that uses 5GC fault management and O&M to quickly and precisely identify, demarcate and respond to cross-layer faults in live-network NFV scenarios, ensuring optimal user experience.

As the world's first commercial project with NFV cross-layer fault demarcation, it adopts the Huawei iMaster MAE-CN intelligent O&M solution to provide panoramic, intelligent, automated O&M experience for the cloud core network of China Mobile Zhejiang. It combines expert experience and intelligent methods to enhance the entire fault handling process, including network fault prevention, precise fault demarcation, and intelligent fault recovery. These enhancements help China Mobile Zhejiang transform its passive O&M into proactive prevention so that faults can be detected within 5 minutes without manual intervention and demarcated within only 15 minutes.

Intelligent O&M transformation cannot be achieved overnight and requires joint exploration and efforts from the entire industry. With its success, the NFV cross-layer fault demarcation project provides valuable experience and technology for the industry, which will greatly promote the digital transformation of global telecom network O&M.

The Network Automation Congress is a professional event focusing on network automation, virtualization, and intelligence. The Network Automation Recognition Awards honor the organizations and projects that have made significant contributions to network automation and transformation, and encourage healthy and rapid development of the industry.