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China Mobile (Shanghai) Industrial Research Institute and Huawei Unveil the 5G Positioning Open API Industry White Paper

Apr 13, 2021

[Shenzhen, China, April 13, 2021] China Mobile (Shanghai) Industrial Research Institute and Huawei announced the release of the 5G Positioning Open API Industry White Paper at the 18th Huawei Global Analyst Summit. The white paper is the first to define the 5G positioning architecture and its capability exposure APIs, which help develop positioning capabilities for a wide range of applications across industries and take the industry-oriented application development to the next level.

White Paper launch ceremony

5G Positioning Open API Industry White Paper launch ceremony
Left: Gan Bin, VP of Huawei Wireless Network Product Line
Middle: Xiong Chengfeng, deputy GM of the Platform Development Dept, China Mobile (Shanghai) Industrial Research Institute
Right: Ma Liang, VP of Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line

The accelerating adoption of 5G worldwide further boosts the integration of 5G with a wide array of vertical applications, including smart manufacturing, smart ports, smart mines, and smart energy. Among these applications, many location-based services play an important role during enterprise digital transformation. 5G positioning technologies provide better support for many industries in terms of enterprise management, security monitoring, emergency rescue, trip monitoring, and the like. They also become the key driving force behind 5G innovation.

The 5G positioning landscape spans the UE, 5G RAN, and 5G core. Leveraging the 5G infrastructure, operators can integrate the 5G positioning capabilities with the communications network and build a unified 5G positioning platform. By doing so, operators can provide both 5G network communications and positioning services for third parties.

To strengthen platform interoperability, the white paper defines 5G network positioning APIs of different types and functions, which enable industry customers to access location services and improve collaboration between all parties on the 5G positioning industry chain. With these APIs, operators' 5G positioning platforms can facilitate positioning services such as geofence, map management, location alarm, and track query. Currently, 5G positioning is still at its infancy, and the 3GPP-standard positioning capabilities are continuously evolving. Joint efforts are called for from industry partners for collaborative development of chips, modules, terminals, networks, and industry applications.

Chen Yurong

Chen Yurong, deputy GM of China Mobile (Shanghai) Industrial Research Institute, delivering a speech

According to Chen Yurong, deputy general manager of China Mobile (Shanghai) Industrial Research Institute, "Location services are one of important capabilities provided by 5G. With our network advantages and influence in the industry, China Mobile is leading the development of 5G + Positioning convergence. Today, we released the 5G Positioning Open API Industry White Paper with Huawei to define the 5G positioning capabilities exposed to the industries. Working with Huawei, we are determined to promote the maturity of 5G positioning capabilities, develop 5G positioning solutions specific to vertical industries, and meet the positioning requirements for digital factories and intelligent manufacturing across diversified industries and scenarios. We are looking forward to driving the industry forward through combined strengths."

Click here to obtain the 5G Positioning Open API Industry White Paper: Link