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Huawei Intelligent OptiX Network Earns Three International Awards for Technical Innovation

Mar 25, 2021

[US, March 25, 2021] Huawei Intelligent OptiX Network grabbed three awards at the 2021 Lightwave Innovation Reviews presented by Lightwave, a leading insights platform in global optical communications. These awards recognize the solution's superior performance and creativity in the FTTX systems, optical transport systems, and Data center interconnect platforms. It also highlights the impact these transformative technologies will have on gigabit optical networks.

  • FTTX systems: Huawei OptiXstar ONT leverages embedded intelligent acceleration and Wi-Fi 6 to intelligently identify home services, such as online education, eSports, video, live broadcast, and telecommuting, reducing latency for specific service types by at least half. Huawei HomePON solution, which consists of smart ONTs, optical sockets, and super-resilient optical fibers, delivers fiber to the room (FTTR) with gigabit speeds. This solution guarantees an outstanding experience, strong signals, and zero frame freezing for all rooms. Currently, Huawei OptiXstar ONT and HomePON have been used by operators from over 10 regions, including Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, and Latin America.
  • Optical transport systems: Huawei OptiXtrans OSN 9800 M12 was the awardee from this field, thanks to its optical-electrical platform that supports Super C+L ultra-broadband spectrum, increasing spectral efficiency by half. Also, the device's 200G–800G adjustable rate delivers 40% larger capacity per fiber than the industry's average. Meanwhile, its simplified 5-in-1 optical layer saves equipment room space by 70% and cuts power consumption by 40%. This same device won the Grand Prize at Japan Interop in 2020.
  • Data center interconnect platforms: Huawei OptiXtrans DC908 provides simplified and intelligent all-optical interconnections with ultra-broadband for data centers. 800G and Super C+L technologies are combined to boost single-fiber capacity to 88 Tbit/s. On top of this, 6.4Tbit/U and optical and electrical integration saves more than half the DC space, and automatic commissioning can be completed in as little as 8 minutes via one click, boosting efficiency by 90%. It intelligently identifies potential fiber faults weeks in advance, as well as determines whether fibers are in the same cable, and accurately identifies root cause alarms, enabling easy O&M for IT engineers. This is the another international award for Huawei OptiXtrans DC908, following its success as the only DCI award winner at Japan Interop 2020.

Lightwave awards also went to Huawei's industry-first OXC system, 600G high-performance transmission, and NCE smart optical network, cementing Huawei's position as a leader of optical communications.