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Huawei's OptiX SuperSite Empowers High-Speed Access into the Digital World

Feb 24, 2021

[Shanghai, China, February 24, 2021] At MWC Shanghai 2021, Huawei launched the OptiX SuperSite solution for global operators. Richard Jin, President of Huawei's Transmission & Access Product Line, said, "OptiX SuperSite is how industry and home users get connected at a high-speed level. It also presents an opportunity for operators to benefit from the enterprise market and enhance home broadband experience."

Richard Jin

Richard Jin at the press conference

Enterprise and home services are two major revenue drivers for operators. As enterprises quickly adopt the data cloud, they prefer the low latency, high security, and high reliability that are characteristic of premium private lines, especially for many large enterprise customers. This does not mean that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are neglected. In every province in China, there are a large number of commercial buildings, and by 2025, 85% of enterprises will be cloud-based, requiring high-quality and high-bandwidth networks. Concerning home broadband, services are experiencing a phase of rapid development as people work and study from home while under lockdown. Homes are shifting from places of entertainment to offices and classrooms, where user experience is becoming the key to market success.

To be more competitive in enterprise and home broadband markets, operators need to focus on providing premium private lines to SMEs and guaranteeing optimal E2E experience for home customers. These two factors underpin long-term future growth.

Huawei launched the OptiX SuperSite solution, which is the industry's first innovative solution to deploy optical transmission and access networks in the same site. This innovation signals three "super" upgrades to the network:

  • Super architecture: The unique optical waveguide routing technology implements board-level OXC, resulting in devices that are 80% smaller. On top of this, OXC capabilities are deployed to the edge, implementing the Frog Hop architecture, which facilitates one hop service connection to the cloud in just 1 ms.
  • Super experience: The P2MP OTN technology is created for enterprise users and leverages existing fiber resources on the ODN, adopting premium private lines for massive SMEs from various industries. For home broadband users, the industry's first OLT-based super uplink is used to implement E2E slicing and deliver a superior experience.
  • Super base: Simplified sites are more cost effective, and dumb resources are pooled together to unleash the full potential of optical fibers. Additionally, long-term smooth evolution means one network operates throughout decades, while network TCO is more than halved in its lifecycle.

Three modes (outdoor, cabinet, or CO) are available for operators, depending on their requirements.

Richard Jin stated that the OptiX SuperSite solution is like a high-speed portal to the digital world, providing high-quality, all-service, and one-stop access for smart cities.