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GlobalData Releases 5G Core Competitive Landscape Assessment: Huawei Rated as Sole Leader

Dec 17, 2021

[Shenzhen, China, December 17, 2021] GlobalData recently released a report entitled 5G Mobile Core: Competitive Landscape Assessment. The assessment concluded that Huawei's 5G Core portfolio is the strongest, rated as the "leader" among all the 5G core products from the world's mainstream telecom equipment vendors.

class scorecard

Huawei 5G Core rated as leader

GlobalData is a world-renowned data analytics and consulting company in the ICT industry. It provides expertise on market research and predictions in addition to vendor and product analysis. In the report, it estimates that 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G NSA, and 5G SA networks will coexist for a long time. It also suggests equipment vendors to use their 5G core network solutions to facilitate smooth network evolution towards 5G Stand Alone (SA) and utilize a converged core network architecture to address the challenges of multiple RATs coexisting, such as the complex O&M. In addition, as global core networks transition and leverage more cloud-based resources, a higher requirement is posed on network stability, and in turn on network reliability design. Moreover, VoLTE technology investment, commercial practices, and innovations on multimedia (immersive and interactive) voice services are also valued.

The report used nine criteria in total, including solution maturity, the architecture, migration, and multimedia voice services, to evaluate the competitiveness of the 5G core product portfolios from mainstream telecom equipment vendors. Huawei 5G Core, with the company's cutting-edge technologies and extensive commercial practices, excelled in the evaluation in many dimensions, including the following:


Huawei's 5G core solution is developed based on the cloud native and microservice architecture. Its 5G Core Rock-Solid Reliability solution adopts a N-way redundancy architecture, the innovative federated databases supporting 100 million subscribers, and 64x intelligent flow control algorithm. With all these, Huawei 5G Core can provide a 99.999% reliability and enable cross-DC redundancy for a huge number of users.


Huawei has adopted the Single Packet Core (SPC) and Single Voice Core (SVC) solutions to build a fully converged data and voice network, which can provide services for 2G/3G/4G/5G NSA/5G SA subscribers on one network. This converged network uses a simplified architecture and supports smooth evolution.


Huawei 5G Core also did well in network automation. The company has put forward the autonomous driving network solution which relies on the telco cloud native and infuses intelligence into the core network. This solution makes network deployment, operation, and maintenance more intelligent, and can help lift the network automation level to Level 4, which includes independent machine-based decision making.

Solution maturity

This report also recognized Huawei's significant achievements in accelerating the large-scale commercial use of 5G networks for operators with its 5G core network solution. Huawei 5G Core has helped China's three major operators build the world's largest 5G SA networks, providing services for over 100 million 5G SA subscribers.

Industry Recognition

Huawei has won the 5G Core Leadership Award together with China Mobile at 5G World Summit 2021 in September this year. For the 5GtoB landscape, Huawei has launched its 5G Core PNI-NPN Kite-like solution, which helps tailor dedicated network products and build E2E scenario-based 5G solutions to meet industry customers' diverse needs. So far, the kite-like solution has been popularized in diverse industries like industrial manufacturing, power grid, coal mining, e-Government, and education. Specifically, the 5G smart grid project jointly launched by Huawei, China Southern Power Grid (CSPG), and China Mobile has won the "Best Mobile Innovation for the Connected Economy" award at the 35th Global Mobile Award (GLOMO Award) ceremony, showing the industry's recognition for Huawei's leading technologies, standards contribution, and commercial practices in the 5GtoB context.

Technology innovation and commercial practices are flourishing in 5G industry development, and a robust core network will back up the process. Huawei will continue to further develop and commercialize its 5G core network solution so as to help global operators advance the development of their 5GtoC and 5GtoB services and obtain business success.

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