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Huawei 5G Core Rock-Solid Solution Wins Project Delivery Perfection Award

Nov 30, 2021

[Shenzhen, China, November 30, 2021] In the recent Global Telecom Awards (GLOTEL Awards) held recently, Huawei's 5G Core Rock-Solid Solution won the Project Delivery Perfection award. This award represents recognition of Huawei's technical innovations and contribution in building a highly stable and reliable core network.

 Delivery Perfection Award

Huawei 5G Core Rock-Solid Solution Wins Project Delivery Perfection Award

The GLOTEL Awards, established by Informa, are held to recognize innovation and excellence in transforming the global telecom industry. Huawei and China Mobile have jointly won the 5G Core Leadership Award from Omdia, a well-known technology consulting firm, at the 5G World Summit in September 2021. These two awards show that the stability and reliability of the core network are highly valuated when analytics institutes and telecom organizations evaluate the network competitiveness.

5G technologies are driving a shift from Internet of People to Internet of Things, increasing device connections by hundreds or even thousands of times. With all these connections, a network failure may cause a severe impact, for example, on industrial production and device security, which in turn will lead to great economic loss.

Huawei's 5G Core Rock-Solid Solution helps prevent this issue. This solution is empowered by Huawei's cutting-edge technologies, such as N-way redundancy architecture, federated databases supporting hundreds of millions of users, and intelligent flow control algorithm. With these technologies, the solution underpins cross-DC redundancy for a huge number of subscribers with zero service loss or network downtime, ensuring that services run smoothly and are always online. Based on the microservice architecture, this solution can provide services for 2G/3G/4G/5G NSA/5G SA subscribers all on one network and simplify the network architecture. The fully convergent network enables smooth evolution of the core network, improves network stability and reliability, and delivers the optimal user experience. Moreover, it lays a solid foundation for an intelligent core network, which is essential to implement autonomous driving network.

The solution has already been commercially verified and helped operators put their 5G SA networks into large-scale commercial use. By November, over 100 million subscribers of China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom could access to 5G SA networks. As 5GtoC advances, 5GtoB — a key to the digital economy — is quickly emerging. Facing new challenges in network reliability posed by diverse sectors, Huawei will continue to work closely with the telecom industry to provide secure, reliable, and stable networks to facilitate the sound development of the digital economy.